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Inspiring and amazing video about energy healing!

I came across this video many months ago, and despite it’s quirky production values, found it to be really incredible.  A Chinese Healer named John Chang (trained as a Javanese acupuncturist) displays his use of Qi for healing.  He developed these abilities through years of meditation and cultivation of his yin and yang energies.

The video speaks for itself.  Watch to the very end, as some of the most amazing feats are near the end of the segment.  It is also noteworthy that his abilities are given to him so long as he uses them for the healing and upliftment of others.  As soon as he uses his powers for show, he is reminded by his master to stay in integrity…



Through meditation we all have the ability to cultivate our personal qi, bringing healing into our own systems, and helping others to heal as well.  Through practicing mindful awareness techniques, meditation, and visualizations we can achieve greater awareness of our own source of energy, allowing ourselves to create our lives more consciously.

I have come down this path as a result of my own healing from an incurable disease called Ulcerative Colitis.  As I deepened my own self awareness I realized how I was using my energy to keep me in a limited state.  I was holding onto negativity from my past, repeating patterns of anxiety, stress, worry, and frustration.  By letting go of ingrained beliefs and conditioning from my childhood began my path of healing.  I have been symptom free for over three years, now offering holistic counseling and holistic therapy to those who seek to understand themselves better, and learn the process of self healing.

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