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Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for life, for all the experiences of life

I am grateful for happiness.  I am grateful for sadness

I am grateful for my friendships and for my family

I am grateful for my healthy body, for running and jumping, dancing, and playing.

I am grateful for singing.  I am grateful for my voice, and to be able to let me voice be heard.

I am grateful for meditation

I am grateful for nourishing food and lots of energy to do the things that I want.

I am grateful for breathing, and for feeling the energy within with every breath.

I am grateful for stillness and silence within.

I am grateful for new experiences, for letting go and taking risks, for being free and happy.

I am grateful for structure, for focus, for responsibility to keep me grounded.

I am grateful for art, for creative energy, for beautiful bright colors and beautiful shapes.


I am grateful to feel a healing vibration in my body with every breath, I am grateful to use my breath consciously, keeping my attention on my breath to regulate my energy levels and keep my attention in the present moment.  I am grateful to be able to offer my counseling services to others who may need guidance and support, to be a positive force for people who are going through healing, who may be suffering, who may need to feel love.  I am grateful for learning, for letting go, for trusting and being in peace with all of life as it flows through me.  I am grateful to learn new techniques for healing, to bring myself into greater balance and peace.

I allow the love of god to fill my heart and spread to every cell of my being.  I allow myself to be a vessel for unconditional love, allowing my cells to vibrate with this universal life energy.  I allow myself to feel the love of god throughout my day.  I allow myself to follow my heart even when it is impractical or illogical.  I give myself permission to be myself, to be free, to feel free, to feel my connection with all of life around me.


I am here to be in service to others, to offer myself with love and gratitude to uplift all of life around me.  I am a beacon of love and light, allowing the love of the universe to fill my being.  With every breath I breath in the golden white light of god, bringing me to a higher state of being.  I offer love and blessings to all being in the universe, may we all feel our connection to our Source.  I am love, all is love.  I am love, all is love.  I am bringin all aspects of myself back into balance in every moment.  I give myself full permission to be present, to feel love and light in everything that I do, and in everything that happens around me.

Holisitc counseling serves the purpose to help heal others who are seeking healing.  I am setting the intention to connect with those people who are seeking to heal themselves, who are seeking to know themselves more fully.  I am a holistic therapist, offering healing services, for self healing, for natural healing, and for better holistic health.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------