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Daily gratitude and appreciation

I am grateful for my life!  I am grateful for my healthy and strong body!I am grateful for for dancing.  I am grateful for happy energy of people around me.  I am grateful for all of the people in my life.  I am grateful to remember  all of the loving beings around me.  I am grateful for my breath.  I am grateful for singing.  I am grateful for all of my beautiful friends.  I am grateful for animals.  I allow the lof of god from within my heart to fill being and spread to all the cells of my body .  I am grateful for release and crying and laughter.  I am grateful for healing energy.  I am grateful for energy healing.  I am grateful for the flow of life within my bodyI am grateful for intimate connections.  I am grateful for holistic therapy.  I am grateful for all the love I’ve shared with friends and lovers.  I am grateful for my health and vitality.  I am grateful for counseling.  I am grateful for alternative healing practices.  I am grateful for breathing deep full breaths.  I am grateful for mother earthI am grateful to feel my connection with mother earth.  I am grateful for counseling with people.  I am grateful to be of service to tother people.  I am grateful for holistic health and for providing therapy.  I am grateful for stillness.  .  I am grateful for internal peace.  ai allow myself to trust more deeply the universal flow of life energy, letting go and allowing  myself to receive the beautiful gifts of this world.


I allow myself to be a vessel of love and a vessel of light, feeling the universal energy flowing through every cell of my body.  I allow myself to feel peace and happinness and fluidity throughout every moment.  I allow myself to feel the love and peace all around me.  I allow myself to stay centered in a higher perspective, always asking myself how do I want to experience this moment, always askign myself, Does this thought serve me.  Always returnign to the breath. always returning to relaxation on every outbreath.  Keeping myself moving and fluid.  Dissolving all emotional stagnation and blockages in my body and energy system.  Allowing myself to tap into higher vibrations and higher realms of loving energy all around.  Giving myself peprmission to let go of beliefs that do not serve me, let go of emotions that do not serve me.  Always remembering that I cannot mess it up and I cannot get it wrong.  I am an eternal being of love and light, bringing more of myself into this world in every moment, in every minute, in every thought, emotion, and action, feeling myself expanding and becoming more me with every breath and every moment.    Filling my vessel with love and light and freedom and peace.  Feeling my confidence and competence to do and think and feel as I please.


Grateful for natural healing, for self healing, for the awakening, for meditation.  Grateful for energy healing and qi gong.  Setting the intention to step more fully into myself, into my heart, into my voice, into my life, into this moment, into this loveRelaxing, letting go and standing up and breathing.  I am the creator of my life, I am connected to all of life.  i am a part of everything.  I give myself permission to shine my life with humility and love and grace and joy!  Remembering to move into that joyful embodied state through chanting, exercising, dancing and breathing.  Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Remembering to meet other people where they are at, if I don’t feel like being in their vibration, then separate and create my own vibration!  healing, holistic counseling.  Grateful for healing from ulcerative colitis.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------