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Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for my energy.  I am grateful for the positive and exciting energy that I feel.  I am grateful to be in control of my thoughts, emotions, and body.  I am excited to feel so much hapinness and love sometimes that I want to burst.  I am excited to have the ability to sing and dance with great excitement and enthusiasm.  I am grateful to offer holistic counseling to people.  I love the feeling of being of service to others.  I love the feeling of helping somebody and knowing that the energy flowing through me positively effected the life of someone else.  I am grateful for spiritual counseling and eckhart tolle.  I am grateful for delicious and nutritious food.  I am grateful to relax my body and to feel so alive and happy.  I am grateful to keep my energy flowing, to feel free and happy, to be moving and shaking, dancing and music making.

I am an extension of the divine source of love flowing from the universe, and feel the peace and joy of being alive in every moment.  I remember to breath, relax, flow, dance in all that I do, and be in love with all of life.  I am grateful to have healed from ulcerative colitis.  I am grateful to understand how healing energy flows and to flow this energy healing into all activities that I do.

I notice that when I consciously re-create myself in the image of God I feel connected, hopeful, full of love and in control of my creation.  I notice how when I always focus on the positive aspects of my experience things only get better.  I notice how I can only find peace in this moment, and that I get to choose in every moment how I want to breath.  “Does this thought serve me?”  Surrendered doing.  Non attachment, non resistance, non judgement.  I am grateful for holistic therapy and holistic counseling.  I love that I get to hang out with animals and be merry and sing and play.  I love the beautiful beings whom I share this planet with.  I love being able to make art and share it with people.  I love being free and being able to share my energy with people.  I love creating projects, movement, art, and music.  I am grateful for natural healing, and for self healing.   I am grateful for all of the wonderful teachings, and the wonderful inspiring things happening on this planet right now.  I am grateful to be following my own unique flow.  I am grateful for all the people who are following their flow.

I am grateful to be a holistic counselor and to help people heal themselves from diseases.  I am grateful to have lots of energy and to know how to use this energy in integrity with life around me.  I am grateful to stretch my body out and use it for all of the peaceful and loving experiences that I desire.  I am grateful to connect with my Heart, to be around people, and to feel alive.  I am grateful for kittens, puppies, karina, leif, cedar, lincoln, ralph, mary, alina, akahi, camilla, Edith, ariel,

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------