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Daily Visualization

I imagine a life of joy and peace and magic.  I am living very simply, with many friends in my life, other people who are settled and giving their energy in service.  I spend time in the woods, walking, running, and meditating.  I have a wonderful job where I feel comfortable and ahppy.  I am content, I am peaceful, I feel my connection to all of life around me.  Life feels like a fun game now, where everything works out and challenges are like puzzles to be figured out.  I embrace each new challenge with grace and ease, offering holistic counseling to folks who are looking to heal.  I offer what I know from my own experience healing from ulcerative colitis, and how to heal naturally.  I am giving my energy, selflessly, I am feeling a lot of energy, and my mind is clear, my emotions are clear, and my body is strong and healthy.  I live in a sweet town with sweet people, feeling unconditional love for everyone whom I meet.  I am free and open, happy, and in love with life.  I am standing tall, breathing deeply, and have the confidence to take the steps i know that I want to take.  I am busy and loving life.  I am seeing people and feeling relaxed.  I am playful and silly, but serious when I need to be.  I am offering holistic therapy to those who want to heal from depression and anxiety.


I am utilizing the teachings of Eckhart tolle to help people become detached from the thoughts in their mind, ease the suffering, and find more joy.  I am remembering to relax and breath, to feel my heart, and to let go and trust the unviverse.  I have an abundance of everything that I need in my life, and everything is coming together.  I am tending to my inner world, and tending to my outer world.  I am alive and vibrant.  I an free and happy.  I have a variety of things that I do each day that keep me busy and happy.  I am healping people self heal, using energy healing, and natural healing techniques in the holistic counselor work that I do.  online counseling.  I am grateful to be able to help people, and to feel how much energy I have when I help people.  I love to do counseling and therapy, and to be of service.  holistic health

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------