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Daily Gratitude For Life

I am grateful for my life.  I am grateful to move at a speed that feels good to me.  I am grateful for the sun.  I am grateful for the earth.  I am grateful for human interaction.  I am grateful for swimming in cold rivers.  I am grateful for friends.  I am grateful for solitutde.  I am grateful for hiking and getting exercise.  I am grateful to feel my strong body getting healthier and healthier everyday.  I am grateful for clarity and intuition.  I am grateful to be following my heart.  I am grateful for holistic counseling, and for helping people heal naturally.  I am grateful to be of service.  I am grateful for breathing and relaxing with every exhalation.  I am grateful for new experiences and new opportunities.  I am grateful for peace of mind, happiness, and joy.  I am grateful for structure, discipline, focus, and mental clarity.


I am grateful to be a holistic therapist, and a holistic counselor.  I am grateful for relaxing and letting go. I am happy to go with the flow, and feel my life energy growing in love and focus.  I am grateful to know how to spend my time, to know what direction to follow, and not to be afraid of life anymore.  I am grateful for eckhart tolle, and for spiritual counseling, and for self healing.  I am visualizing myself with lots of energy, very happy, with lots of direction and focus,  I am imagining myself with a thriving counseling business, helping lots of people, and feeling very useful and helpful to the world.  I imagine myself with lots of loving and kind people around me, living in a magical place, with lots of nature, healing energy, and meditative living.  I imagine dancing a lot, being in love with a wonderful partner who has courage, heart, awareness, strength, gentleness, beauty, grace, and kindness.  I imagine creating a family together, building a house, being very resourceful and creative, feeling optimism, hope, love, and excitement for life.  I imagine traveling and having adventures together.  I imagine having control over my thoughts, emotions, and actions, so that I can handle any situation with grace and love.  I am grateful to have healed from ulcerative colitis, and to know about energy healing, and to offer these skills through online counseling, skype counseling, and phone counseling.


I imagine myself building an earthbag house with my partner, feeling confident, courage, strength, love, and kindness for all of life around me.  I imagine living deeply connected to my heart, excited to give my energy for the upliftment of all.  I am grateful to offer holistic therapy, to be a holistic counselor, and to offer tools for meditation, visualization, and spiritual growth.

I imagine myself being happy, healthy, free, and deeply connected to my body, the earth, sun, season, and cylces of life.  I imagine being in a wonderful community of like minded folks, who are gentle, aware, spiritually awake, responsible, peaceful, happy and healthy.  I imagine working online and having lots of abundance in my life.  I imagine an abundance of energy, time, money, and love to give to all whom I can help and uplift with my energy.  I allow the love of god to fill my heart with every breath, spreading to all the cells of my body.  I allow myself to take full, deep, natural breathes, feeling the life and loving energy fill my body.  I am grateful to feel this energy filling my being and spreading to all parts of my body.  I am grateful to heal and to help others heal .

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------