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Giving Thanks For All the Blessings

I am grateful for peace and equinimity.  I am grateful to breath and feel calm within.  I am grateful for the beautiful mountains, for the beautiful trees, for the rushing water of the river, the sun, clouds, and sky.  I give thanks for sweet friends and loving people to share with.  I feel thankful for all of the beauty and blessings of this world.  I give thanks to help others heal, to offer my energy and services to help others heal.  I am thankful to be a holistic therapist, offering holistic therapy.

I am grateful for gentle and fun loving animals to play and romp with.  I am grateful for new connections, and for being relatable.  I am grateful for free will, and the ability to choose how I want to think, feel, and act.  I am grateful to be able to offer holistic counseling through  online therapy.  I am grateful for eckhart tolle, and spiritual counseling.  I am thankful for the ability to know what foods to put in my body, the quantity of foods to put in my body, and when to eat.  I am grateful to learn and develop greater self knowledge, so that I may have the tools to understand how to be in peace and harmony in the world.  I am grateful to be grounded and to feel my connection with the earth and sky, moon, and stars.  I am grateful to feel my connection with all of life around me, to feel healthy and strong in my body, and to take my time in life.  I am grateful to know how I want to create my life, to know how I want to experience this life.  I am grateful for energy counseling, to be a spiritual counselor and to offer spirituality and counseling in one package.

I am so thankful to have healed from ulcerative colitis, to have experienced this natural healing, and to be able to help others heal.  I am grateful for online counseling, and to be a holistic therapist.  I envision living in a state of peace and inner calm.  I envision staying connected to my Heart, to God, and the universe with every breath.  I allow myself to return to my natural, relaxed, and easeful way of being.  I let go of all resistance and fear, embracing love, the natural way of being, and allowing my energy to flow fully through my bein with every breath.  I give myself full permission to be myself, to take care of myself, to honor the wisdom within my heart, to breath into my unique expression of love and light.  To be happy and loving, free, and at peace.  To feel my connection to others, feeling relaxed, peaceful, compassion, empowered, and fully alive.  I am grateful to be awake and alive, taking full responsibility for every thought, feeling, and action.  I remember to slow down, to breath, to focus on my center, to relax and let go, to breath deep, to be okay with standing out, to create my own unique experience of life, to be free and happy.  grateful for phone counseling.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------