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Daily Grattitude

It can be helpful to write out what you are grateful for in order to bring more energy into the positive aspects of your life.  here is what I am grateful for today

I am thankful for new connections, new friends, new hope, and new love.  I am grateful for connecting with others and feeling my heart open and expand.  I am grteful to have new experiences, new feelings of comfort and ease, grace, and beauty.  I am grateful to feel the excitement of life and the beauty and joy of living fully.  I am excited for new chapters and new possibilities.  I am grateful for expanding with grace and in a natural way where things happen with synchronicity and with fun, playful energy.  I am grateful to be able to see and feel how others are feeling.  I am grateful to be open to connecting with others, to offer holistic counseling, to offer holistic therapy.  I am grateful to be of service to others, to offer my healing energy of love and acceptance to others along their path of self healing and self growth.  I am grateful to be enertgized, excited, and feel clarity and peace about life.  I am thankful to remember that I can change how I preceive life, and how I experience life in every moment.  I am excited for new opening, and new experiences.  i am excited for new layers of love and heaven on earth to be uncovered.  I am grateful for the healing of my mind, emotions, and body.  I am thankful to be in the flow of life, to feel the energy of the divine flowing through me, filling every cell in my body, filling my heart with love, filling my heart with life, filling my heart with energy and grattitude for all of life.

I am thankful for the teachings of eckhart tolle, for spirituality and counseling, and to be helpful and uplifting in this world.  I offer a prayer of unconditional love and acceptance to all of life, to all people, animals, and all the energy of the divine.  I offer a prayer for relaxation and surrender of all the obstacles and fears and illusions.  I offer a prayer for everyone who is suffering, that they may find peace of mind, that they may find acceptance and surrender.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, to offer holistic health counseling.  I am grateful to be in love and alignment in every moment with the intentions of the universe..  I am grateful for my breath, for breathing deeply, for feeling the air and energy filling my lungs, filling my body, filling my heart.  I am grareful for dancing and singing, and celebrating all of life.  I am grateful to be a vehicle for love and light to flow into this world.  I am grateful to be a counselor, to offer online counseling and phone counseling.  I am grateful to trust and have faith that all things work out in the right time, and that my intention to be here, experimenting, experiencing, and investigating life is what allows me to be here and thrive.  I allow abundance and joy, peace, groundedness into my life.  I am peaceful, filled with appreciation and grattitude for all of life.  I am in love with life.  I am grateful for the birds, for the clouds, for the water, the river, the oceans, the creeks, the animals, the deers, the kittens, the dogs, the puppies, the cows, the birds.  I am grateful fo r all of the beautiful creatures, sharing their energy and life.

I am grateful for meditation, and for healing from ulcerative colitis  I am grateful to be able to move my body freely, to dance and sing my heart’s content.  i am so grateful to be full of life and love, and to know that a successful moment is one where I am present and my mind is quiet.  i am grateful for healing emotional trauma

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------