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Feeling the Heart: Spirituality and Counseling

Writing a daily gratitude for all of the things you are thankful for is a wonderful way to dissolve old patterns of negativity and to create more positive and loving thoughts and feelings.  Here is my list for the day.

I am grateful to the earth, sun and sky, for giving its energy to sustain all of life.  I am grateful for the ocean, rivers, lakes, and all the water of the world for sustaining life.  I am grateful to mother nature for her beauty, wisdom, and gentle nurturing energy.  I am grateful for the sun, and the bright, active, vital energy that I feel in the sun.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, sharing the kindness and compassion that I feel within with others.  I am grateful to be sharing in the knowledge that I have learned, sharing in the healing energy that I have uncovered.  I am grateul to feel alive and healthy in my body, to feel at peace in my mind, heart, and soul.  I am grateful to be a channel for loving energy and wisdom to move through me.  I am grateful for meditation and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.  I am grateful fo reach breath, for taking deep, slow, natural breaths, allowing myself to relax with each breath.  I am grateful to feel this healing energy within my heart, filling my chest, and spreading to my shoulders, neck, head, arms, hands, stomach, legs, feet.  I am grateful to have so many wonderful and loving beings around to share life with.  I am grateful to be here and now, witnessing a great shift in consciousness.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, offering techniques for self healing and natural healing.

I am grateful to be a writer for, and to learn all of the amazing information that I have learned.  I am grateful to have the wisdom to take it all with a grain of salt, knowing that the energy of the Universe can transform reality in a second.  I am grateful for all of the beautiful people on the planet, for following my highest excitement, and for letting go and relaxing.  I am grateful to be meeting new people, to be sharing in new experiences, and to be moving in the direction of living more fully from my heart.

I am grateful for spirituality and counseling.  I am grateful to understand how the laws of energy work, and to deeply understand that what I put out is what I get back.  To understand that peace can only be found in this oment, and that love and God can only be felt in this moment.  Remembering to bring my attention back to my breath, back to stillness, allowing my breath to slow down, to become more peaceful, to release any tension or negativity, and to listen to how the Universe is guiding me.

I am grateful to have healing Ulcerative colitis, to have healed from emotional trauma, and to understand how disease is created.  It is such a gift to see how disease manifests in the body, and to allow it to be dissolved.  I am grateful for healing energy, for healing depression and healing anxiety.  I am grateful for all of the lessons of life, for the balance of masculine and feminine, and for growing and expanding everyday.  Much love! I am grateful for holistic therapy

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------