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Healing Depression From Emotional Trauma

Depression can be the result of unresolved emotional trauma in your life.  By taking steps to heal yourself from the underlying trauma, you can lessen the effects of depression.  Every person desires to feel unconditional love and acceptance.  When we experience traumatic events in our life, it can have a lasting impact on our psyche and emotional experience, often times leaving us feeling hurt and unworthy of love.  By learning tools to release the emotional pain, you can begin healing and returning to a more joyful, peaceful, and happy life.  

How To Let Go Of Emotional Trauma

The first step to letting go and healing is to identify how this emotional trauma is manifesting in your life.  You can do this in a variety of ways; by writing in a journal, talking with a friend or counselor, or just spending some time in inward contemplation.  Review life events that may have been traumatic and see how they have effected your life, motived your life decisions, effecting who you have had relationships with, what work situations you have chosen, and overall, how these events have shaped your life.  Also investigate the potential connection to trauma and anxiety, depression, or other symptoms of distress.  Once you have brought greater understanding and self awareness around these events, it is time to investigate what can be learned from them.

Learning From Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma and suffering actually serve a very important purpose in the evolution and growth of each one of us.  It is through the experience of suffering that we begin to wake up to more of who we actually are.  Suffering is caused by over-identifying with thoughts and emotions.  When we derive a sense of identity from our thoughts, feelings, and the events that have occurred in our lives, it can cause drama, turmoil, and pain.  Through trauma, we have the opportunity to transcend beyond the suffering by seeing the “bigger picture.”  For instance, as you go through a trauma, it can give you a new perspective on what is really important in life, and greater clarity on how you desire to live your life from the love within your heart.  There are many instances of people who have survived extreme trauma, going on to be very powerful agents for positive change, helping to heal others and inspire more compassion and kindness in the world.

So bring awareness to how the trauma may be aiding you in creating a depth and richness within you, a greater appreciation for loving energy within yourself and others.

Natural Treatments For Depression

The next step in healing emotional trauma is to release any repressed emotion you may be holding in.  This will happen naturally through relaxing the body in a safe space, such as the trusting space created with a good friend, counselor, holistic counselor, or holistic therapist.   You can also allow yourself to release this emotion alone.  However, having some guidance and support can help you not to get caught up in old feelings of self pity or to re-live the trauma.  Surrendering and letting go of defense mechanisms are essential for the release of stuck emotional energy.  The teachings of Eckhart Tolle provide invaluable information on the ego, and how the mind works to keep you from feeling what is underneath the surface.

Meditation and Emotional Trauma

Developing a practice of mindful awareness and meditation will help you to dissolve emotional trauma by learning to stay present, dissolving old stories and emotional pain.  Every time that you bring your attention back to your breath and to the present moment, you are re-creating yourself and your reality in the image of what you desire.  Meditation means to notice the stillness in the present moment, to move beyond the fleeting and ever changing thoughts and emotions in your mind and body.  You can cultivate a practice of peace through meditation.  Spirituality and counseling go hand in hand, and having a guide through this process can help you to understand the subtlety of the process, allowing you to move through healing depression, and healing anxiety.

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