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The Art of gratitude

Writing out what you are grateful for each day is a wonderful way to increase the flow of positive energy in your life.  Here is the art of gratitude

I am grateful for this breath, for the gentle flow of air in and out of my lungs, for relazation, for happiness, allowance, love and joy,  I am grateful to take deep full breathes, filling my body with oxygen and energy.  I am grateful to stand tall, to relax, and to feel the air flowing through my entire body.  I am grateful for focus, for clarity and to be able to see and feel what my heart is guiding me to do.  I am grateful to be able to offer my services in the form of holistic counseling and holistic therapy.  I am grateful to help others, to offer what I have learned about myself thorugh spiritual counseling.  I am grateful to be learning everdyay how to stay balanced, how to create from my heart, and how to follow my intuition more fully all the time.  I am grateful to be learning from those that I counsel, to feel their energy, to see their perspective, and to experience a new and unique reflection of life and love through them.  I am grateful to feel my connection to all of life around me, to stand tall and confident as I experience new energies, new experiences, new relationships, new ways of looking at the world.


I am grateful to be able to paint and dance from my heart, to feel the flow of energy moving thorugh me as I allow myself to move and make sounds without thinking, but just through being.  I love the feeling of allowing myself to flow, to be, to love, to live, to create, to dance, to sing, to paint, let go and be fullly alive.  I love the feeling of trusting the universe to give me exactly the experiences that I need to have in order to wake up and more fully live.  I am grateful for new responsiblities, for new tasks, jobs, and for the new season of life.  I am grateful for eckhart tolle and the spirituality and counseling that takes place.  I am grateful to feel happy, joyful, alive, and vibrant.  I am grateful for all of the wonderful people that are on this journey.  I am grateful to be offering holistic therapy and holistic counseling through online counseling and phone counseling.  I am grateful to see the vision in my heart of feeling filled with love and light, offering this energy to the world thoruhg many different vehicles, such as counseling, dance, music, art, playfulness, laughter, creating, I am happy to be alive, here on this earth at this time.

I am seeing a vision of living with my family, a group of beings who shares a deep understanding and appreciation for sharing love, life, and living in harmony.  I see myself flourishing with this group of light beings, playing, creating, laughing, and enjoying the beautiful experience of life together.  I see myself as a holistic counselor and holistic therapist, give myself to others for the upliftment of all beings, offering healing energy and information to empower, to increase self awareness, and to increase the happiness, joy, and love on the planet.  I see myself as a channel for love and light, guiding, giving, supporting, loving, laughing, dancing, and singing.  I see my self offering spiritual counseling, understanding the deep connection between spirituality and counseling, offering online counseling, and what I have learned thorugh the teachings of eckhart tolle.  I am grateful for natural healing, and for healing ulcerative colitis.  I am grateful to breath deeply the energy of love.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------