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Healing Emotional Trauma

Most everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their lives.  Healing these old emotional wounds can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.  But it is important to understand and begin seeing how these old pains will not go away on their own, until you allow your attention to begin healing this part of yourself.  One of the great paradoxes in life is that when you turn towards that which you are afraid of, what you fear no longer has any power over you.  There is a process for healing emotional trauma that is different and unique for everyone.  However, there are some universal principles that can guide the process.

Understanding The Ego

The first principle is something that I often use in my holistic counseling work, which is understanding how the ego operates.  The ego is the part of the mind which serves to cover over past pain.  The ego often develops in childhood as a coping mechanism.  When the young child feels hurt, the ego steps in to protect and ensure the young child’s psychological survival.  The ego, however, causes all kinds of psychological suffering when left unchecked.  We live in a society now where the ego is out of control, and many people are scrambling to survive out of fear, rather than a deep love and reverence for life. Eckhart tolle teaches on the mechanisms of the ego, and these teachings can be very helpful to begin seeing how the ego operates in you.

Be learning to bring your attention away from compulsive thinking, and back down into your body, the wisdom of your body can begin releasing the emotional energy that is stuck.  Focusing on your breath is a powerful way to do this.  Anytime you notice your ego popping up (in the form of compulsive or negative thoughts) simply bring your attention back to your breath.  Allow your body to relax and know that there is a process for healing emotional trauma that is taking place and is beyond the control of your mind.  When you surrender and let go of your need to stay in control and protect, than the emotional energy that has been held at bay on account of the filter in you mind can begin to come into the light.

Utilizing Visualizations

Visualizations are a powerful way to heal depression, heal anxiety, and heal emotional trauma.  The idea is that you can also use your mind to direct healing energy to parts of your subconscious mind that need healing.  Holding a memory of some traumatic event, while visualizing a healing white light coming into you during this event, while also allowing for any emotion to be experienced as it comes up, will begin to heal this part of yourself.  A spiritual counselor or holistic counselor can help guide this process, but can also be done on your own if you are able to hold the focus without being pulled into the drama of the memory.  This is a natural treatment for depression and a natural treatment for anxiety that work incrementally over time without the use of medication.


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for healing emotional trauma.  The idea is that our mind (the ego) is constantly chattering, preventing us from feeling what is happening within.  When you bring your attention to your breath (during sitting meditation, or during your day) you allow your attention to rest within your body.  Your body is where all of the emotional energy is felt within you.  The mind does not have access to feelings, but can only conceptualize, analyze, and think about how you feel.  The direct experience of feeling, without labeling, judging, or thinking, allows for energy to become unstuck from your body.  Often as one meditates, they begin to feel and release a lot of emotion.  This is natural and occurs over time at a pace that is appropriate for you.

Healing emotional trauma and healing depression can be done when you are open to the process and decide to no longer allow the pain from the past to influence your thoughts and behaviors now.  Each one of us can heal, and there are numerous tools available.  I offer holistic counseling and spiritual counseling to guide others through the process of healing.

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