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Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Writing out what your heart visions for your life, is a wonderful way to clarify your soul’s purpose, and why you have chosen this life, and to have this experience here and now. The idea is that as the mind becomes quieted through meditation and mindful awareness practices, your heart speaks more loudly and clearly to you, letting you know how to bring your life more fully into alignment with the desires of your heart. 

Here is a technique for clearing the clutter and tuning in!  Begin by closing your eyes and taking a few deep and relaxed breaths.  Focus on the peace and stillness that you feel within.  Now ask your heart from a place of sincerity and peace, “what do I want to create in my life?”  As you stay in a state of stillness, you may receive intuition, visions, images, or hear sounds or words.  Once you receive something, write out a few words to describe the vision or intuition that came to you.  Here is mine


Beautiful Art

Health and Healing

Now, focus your attention on these topics, allowing your imagination to flow freely.  Do not worry, analyze, or try to figure out whether these ideas are realistic, logical, or practical.  This is only an exercise to free your mind and allow your Heart time to create.  Here are my writings as an example.  As I write I keep my eyes closed and just watch what is in my imagination…

I see myself living close to the land in a cob house with beautiful designs of color and shapes, with big flowers growing up and around the house.  I see a garden alongside the house with beautiful vegetables and flowers.  I see lots of wooden structures, some artistic, some for living.  I smell the fresh air, and feel so healthy, alive, and radiant.  I see my partner with me, smiling, and so grateful to be sharing this with her.  I see our two children playing in the grass.  We are working hard, but also relaxed and joyful.  We are disciplined, and have structure in our lives, just enough to let our Hearts create beautiful art that inspires others.  There is an abundance of food, water, and space to live, create, and be joyful.  I see myself helping others heal, guiding others through holistic counseling, offering tools and techniques for tuning more fully into their own intuition and life’s purpose.  I see myself offering spiritual counseling, offering tools to help others grown and expand into more of their loving selves.  I feel so much gratitude, playfulness, happiness, and expansiveness.  Life has become a magical experience, and I know that everything in my life is a result of how I have focused my attention, where I have chosen to put my energy, the thoughts that I have chosen to empower with my attention, the emotions that I have chosen to create, the actions that I have chosen to take.

I see myself helping others through holistic therapy, seeing many people a day through skype counseling, or by phone.  I offer the guidance as taught by Eckhart Tolle, and have gratitude for the crossover between spirituality and counseling.  I am helping others healing ulcerative colitis.  I am helping others detox and cleanse themselves.  I am helping others integrate from a kundalini awakening.  I see myself growing in my focus and clarity, becoming more peaceful, more joyous, more relaxed, and more in a state of surrender and co-creation with the universe.  I see myself writing books, sharing knowledge with others, helping others, offering guidance and support.  I see myself helping others healing emotional trauma, healing depression, and healing anxiety.  I feel so blessed to be able to help others, to be able to share joy and love with others in my life, and so grateful to be letting go and trusting more and more everyday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you

If this process is challenging at first, do not worry.  It may take some practice to quiet your mind enough to receive this intuition.  One reminder is that any thought that feels restrictive, negative, or limiting is not coming from you Heart, and so there is no need to give it your attention or energy.  Learn to distinguish between thoughts coming from the Heart, and thoughts coming from the ego, this is key in manifesting from your Heart.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, offering this wisdom to others.  Hopefully it is helpful! Blessings!


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