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Happy For This New day

by practicing focusing on the things in life that you are grateful for, you can transform your life for the better.  Our attention and focus are so powerful, and are literally creating our experience of reality in every moment based on what we choose to focus on.  Here is what I am grateful for today

I am grateful for this amazing land that I live on with this wonderful home space that has been offered for me.  I am grateful to have projects and work to do that please me and bring me joy.  I am grateful to be eating and living in a very healthy way, continuing to honor my body and health.  I am grateful for my roommates, two sweet people, and two sweet dogs, who offer their energy in kindness, generosity, and peace.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, offering holistic counseling to clients who are looking to heal themselves, to know themselves more fully, and to experience more joy in their lives.  I am grateful for knowing that my reality is every changing, is ever flowing, that my perceptions of what is, create what is in the next moment.  I am grateful to remember to come back to my breath, to feel the peace in this moment.  I am grateful to remember that peace can only be felt in this moment.

I am grateful to use my focus to feel the joys of life, to feel the hope, the possibility, and the love that is waiting in every moment.  I am grateful for the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, for spirituality and counseling.  I am grateful to know that I am creating my life for the growth and expansion of my soul, and to practice letting go, to practice trusting, to practice coming back to this moment.  I am grateful to be alive here and now, learning, growing, and moving into more loving expressions of myself.  I am grateful for healing ulcerative colitis, and to offer spiritual counseling to others who are seeking to heal themselves.  I am grateful to be moving forward in life, moving more fully into the expression of myself that is unconditional love.  I am grateful to feel unconditional love for all of life, for every person that I interact with, for every situation that I experience.  I am grateful to feel myself living in a beautiful and harmonious environment with my partner, creating a beautiful life together, having a family together, cultivating our gifts and skills, living in peace, confidence, love, and gratitude.  I see myself with two children, taking care of them, raising them, living and loving alongside them.  I see myself with my wonderful partner, and we are so loving towards eachother, so kind and peaceful together.  I see us growing and epanding together, offering our love to all of life around us.  I see us thriving together, creating our beautiful hoe space with love and excitement.  I see us buildingo ur own natural earthen house together, feeling connected to the land and enjoying life.  I see myself offering holistic counseling and holistic therapy to those who are seeking to heal from imbalance within.  I see myself being a teacher, in service to others.  I see myself learning and growing along the way.  I see myself enjoying life, laughing, being in the flow, playful, happy, and joyful.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------