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Happiness is an ongoing project! :)

Hello.  We get to create our lives any which way our Heart desires.  By focusing on what we are grateful for and what makes our Hearts happy, we increase these things in our lives. 

Today I am grateful for teh birds chirpping, for all the amazing expressions of life.  It is so amazing that there are so many unique and incredible different forms of life.  All of the amazing insects, the beautiful birds, the cats, dogs, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, cows.  Its pretty astounding to think about the variation in life o this planet. It is so complex, and also so amazing to think about how the same mathematical ratios exist within so many forms of life, like a sunflower, or a seashell.  So beautiful.  I am so grateful to get to enjoy the beauty of this world from my home in Maui.  The beaches here are so beautiful and amazing.  The water is so clear and blue, so inspiring, so lovely, so amazing. I am grateful to be a holistic counselor and to offer holistic counseling to others who are healing.  I am grateful for spirituality and counseling, and how more and more people are waking up to our shared connection and love.

I am grateful for all of the gifts that have been given to me, all of the emazingly wonderful people that I have met and hold in my Heart.  I am grateful for all of the gifts that I am cultivating, for the art that i get to create everyday, for the dancing that I get to do each week.  I am so grateful for my sense of freedom, peace, joy, and vitality, that is increasing with very passing day.  I am grateful for the teachings of Eckhart tolle, for spiritual counseling, and all that i have learned along myjourney.  I am grateful for my healthy body, for all the cells in my body, and for how they all work together in such wonderful harmony.  I am so grateful to be alive at this time and place, expressing my love and life energy with those around me.  I am grateful to feel happiness, joy, and love for all of life, to approach chellenges with hope, with optimism, with joy, and excitement.  I am grateful to focus on the positive aspects of life, enjoying the creative process of life.  I am grateful to understand healing depression naturally, healing anxiety naturally, healing emotional trauma naturally.  I am so grateful to be offering my energy of kindness, compassion, and peace to those around em and to those who are seeking to know themselves better, to end suffering in their own lives, and to live more in accordance with the love in their Hearts.

I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, and to offer holistic counseling to those who are healing ulcerative colitis and other health issues.  I am grateful to offer holistic counseling for all the people who seek to feel more happiness and peace.  I am grateful for good tasting and super nutritious foods.  I am grateful to be alive, to be happy, and to play, sing, and dance with other beings of light.  :)

THank you

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------