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The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Energy

Think of the human system as multiple fields of life energy all overlapping each other.  Each layer of energy vibrates with a different frequency and density.  These energy bodies interact to create different feelings and sensations, all combining to create the fullness of the human experience.  The three energetic states, in their simplest form, are the mental, the emotional, and the physical.  Healing is the process of releasing negative thoughts and emotional energy (denser vibrations), and re-focusing our awareness on higher vibrations of energy (the actual feeling of love) to flow through the body.  It is important to learn about these energies within to begin healing.

The physical body is the densest form of energy and takes shape in the material world (you can feel it and see it).  Within the smallest particles of each of our cells exists energy vibrating at a frequency that is effected by our mental and emotional energy bodies.

The emotional energy body flows through and around the physical body, and is less dense (you cannot see it).  Emotional energy is always vibrating and moving through you, but can be felt most strongly in moments of joy, love, fear and sadness.  The emotional energy interacts with the cells of the physical body, creating physiological change depending on the nature of the emotion.

The mental energy body has an even subtler vibration (you cannot see it, and cannot feel it once it moves into the emotional body).  The mental energy effects your emotions positively or negatively, depending on the nature of the thought.

A simplified example of how these energy bodies interact is when you think of someone you are strongly attracted to but also intimidated by.  When you have a thought about that person a particular vibration is created and immediately effects the vibration of your emotional body.  You get a quick flood of emotion (anxiety, excitement, etc.)  This emotional energy immediately effects the vibration within the physical body to cause constriction in your body (sweaty palms, tight feeling in stomach, etc.)

Dis-ease happens in the same way but over extended periods of time.  When we have recurring negative thoughts within our mind (either by our own conscious choice, or unconsciously–as learned from our parents and society) we are continually re-creating the associated emotional and physical reactions.  Through this process we learn to hold our bodies in tension, and over time the systems within our bodies begin to break down.  This process can be so subtle that we may not even be aware that we are holding this tension within.  To begin healing we need to become more aware of our thoughts and emotions so that we can release patterns of negative thinking and emotions, and consequently, release dis-ease from our bodies.  It is important to become more familiar with our mental and emotional expressions.

The ancient Indian system of Ayurveda identifies 7 emotional energy centers, orChakras, within the body.  Each center generates different emotional experiences, or vibrations, effecting our state of being and our health.

Life Energy (Qi, Source, Prana) flows through the Chakras into the body, giving us vitality, health, and life.

The beliefs that we form throughout our life direct the flow of energy within our system. Every idea changes our emotions and effects our physical state. When we hold onto painful experiences from our past, we develop distorted ideas about ourselves and reality (“I am a depressed person”, “I am an anxious person”, “I am an angry person”, “I am a hurt person”).  These mental and emotional cycles play over and over like a broken record.

The more our minds focus on these experiences, the more they become ingrained within us, our bodies become tense and anxious, and the more blocked we begin to feel from the flow of life.  This restriction of energy (beginning in the mental energy body, flowing into the emotional, and finally the physical body) can eventually manifest as disease.

So disease is a road map pointing us towards the beliefs and emotional blockages that are disrupting the flow of healing life energy within our system.  When we remove the blockages, loving life energy is free to flow again, and our thoughts become more loving and positive, our emotions are more positive, and our bodies become strong and healthy once again.

The following blog will begin looking at what factors effect your thoughts, emotions, and state of dis-ease.

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