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Happiness is the Truth

Because I’m happy!  Clap along if you feel the way I do!  Yes, happiness is a choice, and it is the difference between the experience of heaven and hell.  When we choose to see the world in the most uplifting and life affirming way, then we are creating heaven on earth.  This is a choice in every moment to be practiced.  Gratitude practices can transform the way that you relate to the world and create your reality.I am grateful to be alive, to be here and now in this most amazing and rich time.  There is so much differentation in experience here, so much richness, so much variety of experience occurring simeltaneously.  I am so happy to be a part of it all.  I am so grateful to be expressing my joy, my vitality, my vibrancy, my life energy, my love with those around me.  I am so grateful to be taking care of two wonderful puppies, to get to play and be outdoors in the most beautiful place on earth.  I am grateful to do holistic counseling and to practice spirituality and counseling together.  Such a blessing to pass on this wonderful information and transmission of love through service.  I am so grateful to be of service, to offer loving energy through what I do.  I am so grateful to remember that circumstances do not matter, only state of being matters.  I am so happy to have a commitment to myself to bring through the highest love, the essence of the divine in every breath.  I am grateful to remember to love and acknowledge all of life as a reflection of God.  I am grateful to remember to slow down, to feel the life energy within me, and to know that I am totally taken care of and supported.  I am so happy to be here and alive. I am so happy to be understanding about the human experience, and to be growing and practicing focus and presence.  I am grateful to feel my breath in my body, to bring my attention to my breath and to continue living my life in a harmonious and gentle way.  I am grateful for new connections, and for the experience of new energies.  I am grateful to be receiving inspiration and joy through interactions with others.  I am grateful to remember to follow my intuition, to go towards what feels good, what feels uplifting, what feels inspiring.  I am grateful to be conscious of how i think, feel, and act, knowing that the energy that i put out is matched exactly with the energy that comes back.  I am grateful for eckhart tolle, and for spiritual counseling that he provides.  I am grateful to feel what is best offered in each moment, and to have trust and faith that this offering is perfect and whole and exactly what the universe is calling for.  I am grteful to trust my own Heart, to know that I am held and supported along my jounrey through the human experience.  I am grateful for healing ulcerative colitis.  I am grateful for healing depression naturally, healing emotional trauma, and healing anxiety naturally.  I am so grateful for this strong body, for my muscles, so happy for my strong bones, for all of the parts of my body that work so well together to allow me to enjoy this physical worl and all of the joys here.  I am so grateful to have wonderful friends whom I can trust, whom I know are following their path and moving in the direction of love and liberation. I am so grateful to offer holistic counseling and to be a holistic counselor.  I see myself growing in my love and compassion, becoming more accepting and tolerant of all life experiences.  I see myself creating a family with a wonderful and loving partner who is walking her path with integrity, honesty, and openness.  I am grateful to see myself building a home in trust, with faith and love.  I see myself learning and overcoming challenges in the most wonderful and graceful way.  I see myself deepening my faith, increasing my skill level in many areas of my life, and living with joy, celebration, peace, and love!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------