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Grateful for Today

writing out what I am grateful for is a wonderful way to focus on all of the positive and joyous things in my life.

I am grateful to be alive, to be breathing fresh clean air, to have abundant food and clean water to drink.  I am grateful to have a beautiful home to live in, to have beautiful people and animals onthis property, to share in this experience with.  I am grateful to hear the birds chirping, to smell the flowers, expecially the sweet and fragrant smell of the gardenia flower out front.  I am super grateful to be working on my book that will share much of my experience with others for the purpose of inspiration, guidance, and support.  I am grateful to focus on my breath, coming back to my breath in every moment.  I am grateful to feel my heart and to feel the natural peace, joy, and love within my own body for no reason at all other than the fact that I exist.  I am grateful to remember that being of service is the most wonderful experience, to be in a state of being of giving and receiving.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, to offer holistic counseling to others, to offer my energy with love, gratitude, peace, joy, and harmony.  I am grateful to take deep full breaths, allowing the air to fill my lungs, allowing myself to be independent and free, to feel my freedom, to feel my joy, to feel my pleasure in doing all of the things that my Heart desires.  I am grateful to be here now, to be alive, to be blessed with so many wonderful friends and family.  I am so grateful for all of the beautiful beings of light and love who grace this earth, for all of the animals, plants, rocks, tress, and everything in the universe.

I am grateful for the teachings of eckhart tolle, for spirituality and counseling, and for understanding more and more everyday the subtelty of this experience.  To learn everyday and remain humble, to remain in a state of curiosity, investigation, playfulness, gentleness, peacefullness.  I am grateful to see myself living in the mountains, near a river and a spring, building an earthen house, living peacefully with focus and discipline.  I see myself sharing this loving life with my partner and two children.  We are growing something so special and sweet, magical, and amazing together.  I see us thriving on the land, offering our energy with love and gratitude.  I see myself offering holistic counseling, as a holistic counselor.  I see myself growing in my presence, being more fully alert and live every day.  I see myself strong, healthy, and full of energy to share with those whom I love.   I see my wife and I raising our two amazing children, with love, gentleness, peace, and joy.  I see us learning together, giving eachother love and support naturally.  I see myself offering spiritual counseling over the phone and by skype, sharing my book with people to help and support their journey.  I see myself making beautiful works of art and music, laughing, playing, enjoying the bounty of life.  I see myself living the free and happy life that I love, dancing, singing, and practicing counseling and spirituality together.

I am so grateful for all of the lessons I have learned, and learning to focus my attention through meditation, breathing, singing, chanting, dancing, and being playful.  I am focusing my attention more and more on the way of life that I prefer.  I am grateful for healing ulcerative colitis, for healing depression naturally, for healing emotional trauma naturally, and for healing anxiety naturally.  I am grateful to be alive, to be breathing, to be healthy, happy, and vibrant.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------