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Gratitude abounds!

Focusing on the things that we love in life allows us to bring more of those aspects into our lives.  Here is what I am grateful for today!

I am grateful for this breath of fresh air, for this healthy body, for all of the beautiful birds chirping outside my window.  I am grateful for the wind, the rain, and sunshine, the clouds, and the amazing views from up here in Kula.  I am grateful for the wonderous beauty of this island, for all of the loving people and animals here.  I am grateful for a newness, for a sense of adventure, for focus, discipline, and trying new things.  I am grateful to relax and to go with the flow.  I am grateful for the mystery of it all as it unfolds and surprises me with things I never would have guessed.  I am grateful for smiling.  I am grateful for laughing from my soul, from my heart, from my belly.  I am grateful for holistic counseling, and to be a holistic counselor.  I am grateful for breathing in relaxation with every breath.  I am grateful for allowing my body to relax, to feel the stillness and the peace within y body.

I am grateful for the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, for spirituality and counseling and for all of the realizations and moments of awakening throughout my life.  I am grateful to be aligning myself more fully with my souls unique vibration and expression everyday, everymoment, every breath.  I am grateful to be listening to my body, listening to what foods my body is craving and desiring.  I am grateful to feel alive, healthy, and excited about the new projects in life.  I am grateful to be listening to what is, to be listening to the grace of the universe, feeling what wants to happen through me, what wants to happen, following the call of my intuition, following the call of my Heart

I am grateful for happy and vital puppies, for happy and vital people, for laughter, for joy, for bliss, for jumping and playing and having endless energy.  I am grateful for spiritual counseling, and to be able to help others through holistic counseling.  I am grateful to feel of service, to offer my energy for the healing and upliftment of others.  I am grateful to be cleansing my body, to be ridding my body of toxins and chemicals and parasites.  I am grateful to know all that I do about healing, about the body, and how to stay healthy and disease free.  I am grateful to know that th energy that I put out is the energy that comes back to me.  I am grateful to feel abundant in my life in so many ways.  I am grateful to feel my soul’s purpose emerging more fully with every breath, with every thought, with every feeling, with every action.  I am grateful to focus on my breath, to feel the life energy pulsing through my body, to feel th eneregy of love flowing out through my arms, hands, and fingers into all that I do.  I am grateful to remember that I am a vessel for love, allowing the love of God to flow into everything that I do.  I am grateful to be taking deep, slow, natural breaths, feeling alive and radiant, feeling blessed and full of courage, strength, focus, and discipline.  I am grateful for sharing, for giving, for letting things come and go without needing to hold on.  I am grateful for my friend, for whom I care deeply for, and to see the light, magic, and spark of live and love in her is so uplifting and brings me much inspiration.

I see myself building a house, building a family, building a life for myself and for the enjoyment and growth of others in my life.  I see myself becoming more me, more alive, more in alignment with the Higher Source.  I see myself offering holistic counseling, spiritual counseling, and enjoying the beautiful crossover between spirituality and counseling.  I see myself helping others through my demonstration, through my living in alignment.  I see myself being a kind, compassionate and uplifting presence in this world, allowing and accepting all that is.  I see myself filled with joy, filled with the deep desire to continue on my path, to continue bringing blessings and joy into this world.  I see myself raising a family with a wonderful partner, feeling happy, abundant, and filled with life energy. I am grateful for healing ulcerative colitis.  I see myself sharing my story through my book, through my website, and through the teachings.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------