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Happy to start anew!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools to transform negativity into positivity.  To be grateful for all of life’s lessons, for all of life’s experiences is to live in the present moment, unafraid of life, embracing all that is.  Here is what I am grateful for today:

I am grateful for this breath.  I am grateful for the stillness that exists between each breath.  I am grateful to be alive and to be breathing right here and now.  I am grateful for all of life’s challenges, for all of the obstacles that pop up and require investigation and feeling into, in order to understand how to percieve, think, feel, and act in alignment with my heart and the universe.  I am grateful for patience, for letting go and relaxing my body.  I am grateful for remembering all the different aspects of myself and how I choose o live on this earth, here and now.  I am grateful to be a loving and peaceful being, giving from my heart, my attention and energy.  Giving and sharing what I have in this world.  I am grateful to be in the flow, to feel my connection to those around me, to see the reflection of God in everyone and everything.  I am grateful for holistic counseling and to be a holistic counselor.  I love helping others, connecting with others, providing support and guidance, offering my compassionate attention towards the upliftment and awakening of all.  I am grateful for acceptance, and feeling the shift in perspective when I allow acceptance totally into the moment.  I am grateful for channeling and being deeply in the flow, allowing for life to move through me, allowing for God to speak through me, allowing for Love to create through me without the filter of the mind.  I am grateful for all that is, for all the creatures on the planet, for all of the beautiful and amazing animals, for the oceans, for the rivers, for th mountains, to feel this freedom and excitement about the adventure.   I am grateful to remember that I can live any which way that I choose, and I can focus my attention on whatever I desire to.

I am grateful for Eckhart Tolle, for spiritual counseling, and for being a guide for others as they move through their process.  I am grateful to remember to stay in alignment with my thoughts, feelings, actions, and motivations.  I remember to let go and allow whenever I feel negativity arising.  I remember to come back to this present moment and the breath here and now.  I remember to stop whatever I am doing if I am not in a state of acceptance, enthusiasm, or excitement.  The energy that I put out is the energy that comes back.  I remember to listen to myself, to listen to my Heart, to acknowledge what I need in the present moment in order to feel my life force, to feel my connection to the Higher Mind.  I am grateful for spirituality and counseling and for holistic counseling.  I am grateful to be a part of this wonderous journey of expansion and growth.  I am grateful to be alive and to be smiling and to be breathing, and to be living and loving.  I am grateful to follow my intuition, to dive deeply into each moment, allowing myself to be present, dropping my mind and following my Heart.


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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------