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grateful for this day

here is what I am happy for today!

I am grateful for this breath, I am happy to be alive here and now, living from my Heart.  I am happy to be learning everyday more and more about myself and the human experience.  I am grateful to be able to let go and return to peace.  I am grateful for the happy puppies on the planet and the happy kittens and all of the amazing animals that live here.  I am grateful to be living from a joyful place, from a place of giving, from a place of peace, joy, and calm.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, offering holistic counseling to others who need support through their process of healing.  I am grateful for all of the beings that live in surrender, and who do not need to take from others to feel their joy.  I am grateful for those beings who are still learning and who make decisions that may not necessarily bring joy to others, but provide for opportunities for growth and expansion.  I am grateful to be alive, to be happy, to be present, to be moving my energy in the direction of my Heart’s desires.  I am grateful to know about the law of attraction and how it works.  I am grateful to remember that what I put out is what I get back, and that the energy of peace will always return more peace into the world.  I am grateful for all of the lessons that I have learned throughout my life.  I am grateful for delicious food, for nourishing experiences, for new connections, for new opportunities, for new adventures, for new interactions, for new reflections, for newness in all its forms.  I am grateful to stay open and present, giving and recieving, playing and singing.  I am grateful for balancing out the masculine and feminine aspects of myself more fully in every moment.

I am grateful for Eckhart Tolle, and for the spiritual counseling that he provides.  I am grateful to be a conduit for healing energy on the planet, to be bringing through more of my higher self into this world, I am grateful to be living in harmony with my own Heart’s vision, bringing through love, light, and peace for others to experience more of themselves.  I am grateful for the reflections of God all around me, all within me and within all of life.  I am grateful to remember that everything is an aspect of the Self, and that everything is to be accepted with loving open arms.  Every moment is an opportunity to express love, to express and allow positivity, to allow acceptance and forgiveness, to allow softening and more love to flow.  I am grateful to be alive, to be present, to be flowing, to be breathing, to e thinking, to be energized, to be cleansing, and detoxifying.  I am grateful to be helping others, for the healing sounds

I am grateful for smelling beautiful flowers like gardenias, like roses, like jasmine, like gardenia, like tea tree oil, like amber, like ginger, I am grateful for shifting perspectives, shifting realities.  I am grateful for all of the wonderful teachers that I have encountered.  I am grateful for all of the wonderfl lessons that I have received.  I am grateful to be alive, to be breathing, to be sharing, to be giving, to be in a state of surrender, of love, of creation, of creativity, of trying new things, of exploring new ways of being, of exploring new ways of perceiving, of exploring new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  I am grateful to be in this most amazing and magical world filled with so much mystery.  I am grateful for spirituality and counseling and for healing ulcerative colitis

I am grateful for running, I love to dance, and sing, and play with people and children.  I love to make mud forts, to build out of cob, to build out of strawbale.  I love to work with the earth, I am so happy to be gardening, to have my hands in the dirt, to have my heart in the dirt, getting muddy, having fun, playing, being silly, creative, and filled with love.  I am grateful for the sunrise, for the stillness that exists with each sunrise. I am grateful for the sunset, and the amazing colors that exist with each sunset.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, offering holistic counseling to others who are seeking healing and support through their awakening process.  I am grateful to be on this journey, to be offering my light to others, to those around me.  I am grateful for discipline, for structure, for planning, and linear thinking, to provide the container for the letting go, for the creative flow, for the going go go, for the jumping, laughing, and all good things that come in the moment.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------