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What the World Needs Now

Bringing peace to the world begins within each one of us.  The reason for this is that we are all connected energetically, and as each one of us shifts our internal experience towards that of peace, it ripples out into the collective energy of all people on the planet.  It does not matter so much what actions you take, but rather, the energy from which you take the action.  When you are in an inner state of peace, calm, joy, and love, then the actions you take from this state are felt by those around you, and serve as a reflection for this loving state in others.  Notice, too, how when you are in the presence of another person who is very loving or peaceful it is much easier to connect to that same place within yourself.  Conversely, when you are around a negative person, notice how you may be more likely to become irritated, annoyed, or negative in some form or another.  The reason is because we are all sharing energy, and our collective human experience is comprised of the energy of all the individual parts–each one of us!  This truth is profound, and can change the way that you prioritize your life.  The more this truth becomes integrated and remembered in the center of your beingness, the more it becomes a priority to stay in a state of peace above all else.

The mind will often try  to tell you that staying in peace is not as important as some other task that needs to be completed.  The truth is that tasks and goals can be accomplished while staying in a state of peace.  This does take practice, however.  As a holistic counselor offering holistic counseling to others, there are tools that can be learned which allow a person to stay connected to peace, to return to a state of calm and acceptance.  The more you become aware of how your energetic state effects the quality of your experience, the easier it will be to practice cultivating inner peace.  It is the quality of your experience that determines your overall levels of happiness, not the end result of accomplishing a goal.  Yes, you may have created a thriving business, accumulated great wealth or material possessions, but if you have done so from a state of anxiety, stress, or fear, then you will likely not be satisfied when you reach your end goal.  When you practice cultivating inner peace, the goal becomes the process, the focus becomes the journey itself.  If you are not enjoying yourself now, then when will you?  The mind always believes that happiness can be attained in the future once you reach a certain goal or destination.  That destination is never reached, however, for as long as you are looking to the future for happiness, it can never be found.  Even when you arrive at your goal, the mind quickly finds some dissatisfaction and begins seeking some new goal or destination.  Yes, you may experience some brief satisfaction (or relief from anxiety, perhaps) by accomplishing certain goals in your life, but if you haven’t been enjoying the ride along the way, then you will not enjoy the destination for very long either.

The teachings of Eckhart Tolle explain the process of dissolving the ego, of allowing the mind to be dropped, to drop the thinking mind, allowing the Heart to speak more clearly.  When we listen to our Heart (something that can only be done when the mind is quieted), then we start enjoying the present moment more fully.  From the Heart’s point of view, nothing is more important than the present moment, because everything is happening now, and love can only be experienced in the present moment.  As soon as you begin thinking of the past or future, you cannot feel or experience what is right here in front of you.  Spiritual counseling and spirituality and counseling are great reminders to deepen self awareness.

Today I am grateful to be alive, to be breathing this fresh air, to feel the energy in my body, to be in a state of peace, of surrender, of joy, and of love.  I allow the light of the Universe to flow through me into everything that I do.  I am grateful for new opportunities, for new adventures, for new experiences, for listening to my Heart and following my Heart.  I am grateful to be alive, to be in a world filled with wonderful passionate people, following their dreams, following their inspirations and happiness.  I am grateful to be in this present moment, to be here and now.  I am grateful for all the connections I have made, for all the friends I have made along this journey.  I am grateful to be rooted in my body, to feel my connection to the earth and the sun.  I am grateful for flowers. for gerdenias, for roses, for lavender, I am grateful to be a holistic counselor offering holistic counseling to people who are growing, transforming themselves, and becoming more of their natural selves.  Thank you, thank you, thank you

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------