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Chakra Healing

Harmonizing the Chakras Using Sound

         Sound healing is often used in conjunction with a particular intention focused on dissolving an energetic blockage in the body. Before imbalance manifests as physical disease in the body, it first occurs as an energetic blockage, often experienced as mental or emotional turmoil. When energy becomes blocked, it prevents the whole system from working in harmony, and can cause mental and emotional distress, and eventually physical illness. By “tuning” up the energy centers of the body through sound and intention, you can keep your body healthy and vibrant.

The chakra model is a system for working with the various energetic centers of the body, and is an aspect of Ayurveda—the holistic medical system developed in India over the course of thousands of years. According to Ayurveda, there are seven main chakra points in the body, each associated with different emotional energies and parts of the body. The chakras are where the subtler spiritual energy from the Universe flows into the human energy system, fueling the emotional body and the physical body. Chakras are commonly described as spinning wheels, or vortices of energy in the body.

In addition to the seven main chakras, there are hundreds of secondary chakras within and around the body as well. Below is an overview of the main chakras, including the commonly associated emotions, colors, and sounds for each chakra. This information is meant to spark a memory within you of what you may always have been aware of. But don’t let these descriptions of the energetic centers limit your experience of them. Practice taking your attention to the various chakras to see how they feel within you.

 An Overview of the Chakras

First Chakra: The first chakra can be felt at the base of the spine, and is known as the “root” chakra. This energy center is what grounds you to the earth, and is where your most basal instinctual emotions can be felt, such as those relating to survival. Qualitites relating to the first chakra are vitality, connection, courage, and confidence. The color associated with the first chakra is red, and the tone is LAM.


Second Chakra: The second chakra is roughly located in the pelvic area below the bellybutton. This energy center is related to creativity and sexual energy. The energy in this chakra governs how your creative energy flows out into your life and the world around you. Qualities relating to the second chakra are joyfulness, creativity, and movement. The color associated with the second chakra is orange, and the tone is VAM.


The Third Chakra: The third Chakra is located in the solar plexus, right below the rib cage, and is related to your personal power. The enegy of the third chakra governs the strength of your will, having clear and healthy boundaries, and your ability to manifest the creative energy as it flows upwards from the second chakra. When the energy coming from the third chakra is aligned with the will of the Universe, a soul will feel on their path and have great meaning in their life. Qualities associated with the third chakra are power, assertiveness, courage, and healthy self-esteem. The color associated with the third chakra is yellow, and the sound is RAM.

Fourth Chakra: The fourth energy center is the Heart chakra, and is located slightly to the right of your physical heart. The fourth chakra governs your ability to feel your connection to life around you, to feel open, compassionate, and loving for yourself and others. This chakra relates to relationships with other beings of life, as well as the divine source of love that is God. Qualities of the fourth chakra are balance, peace, joy, compassion, and unity. The color associated with the fourth chakra is green, and the tone is YUM.


Fifth Chakra: The fifth chakra is located in the throat and is associated with clear and honest communication. This chakra is where your truth is expressed, where the vision of your heart and soul is made manifest through sound and the vibration of your voice. Qualities of the fifth chakra are self-expression, communication, clarity, and wisdom. The color associated with the throat chakra is blue, and the tone is HUM.


Sixth Chakra: The sixth chakra is located in your forehead, slightly above and between your eyes. Known as the “third eye”, the sixth chakra governs over intuition, knowledge, and insight. The sixth chakra is where you shape your version of reality using your perceptions and mental energy. Some qualities of the sixth chakra are imagination, intuition, integration, wisdom, and clarity. The color of the sixth chakra is purple, and the tone is SHAM.


Seventh Chakra: The seventh chakra is on the top of your head, and is known as the crown chakra. This is where your personal energy system unites with the divine energy. The seventh chakra is associated with spiritual connection, unity, wisdom, integration, and mastery. The color of the seventh chakra is violet and the tone is OM.

 Using Sound to Harmonize the Chakras

You can use sound to harmonize your energy centers by chanting the tones associated with each chakra. Begin by sitting upright, feeling your breath, and sinking into a meditative state. As you relax your body with your eyes closed, bring your attention to each chakra, slowly chanting the sound of each tone. Feel the vibrations of the tones resonating in each chakra, harmonizing and balancing the energy there. Continue chanting the tone of each chakra until you begin to feel a shift in the energy. This may take a few minutes, or it may take 30 minutes. The more you are able to focus your attention without becoming distracted by thoughts or outside stimulus, the more effective it will be. This technique will be most effective if you use it on an ongoing basis. It takes time and patience to see the shifts in your overall energy by working with individual chakra points.

You can also meditate on the chakras without using sound, but simply by taking your attention to each chakra and holding it there. If there are blockages in the chakra, you may feel it as physical discomfort in that part of the body, or you may experience emotions arise, such as sadness, grief, or anger. This is a normal part of balancing the energy in your body, and no matter what arises within your consciousness while meditating, simply allow it to be there, and return your focus to the present moment, your breath, and your awareness of the chakra. In this way, you are helping to release and dissolve whatever emotional energy is being held in that chakra and the body.  Sound healing for greater holistic health.

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