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The Health Benefits of Chlorella

The health benefits of chlorella were first recognized in popular culture in the 1940s as a possible source of food that could be mass produced to help end world hunger. While often thought of as a supplement, this highly nutritious algae can actually be consumed as a food. With a high concentration of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, chlorella truly lives up to its status as a superfood. There are numerous health benefits associated with chlorella, from increased energy and immune functioning, to the detoxification of heavy metals from the body.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is one of the oldest plants on the earth. It is a type of single cell algae that grows in shaded areas of water. Most chlorella production occurs in Asia, but is most commonly consumed in America and Canada for its purported health benefits. Chlorella contains a high amount of chlorophyll and is a highly efficient crop due to its photosynthetic efficiency. The two types of chlorella that are generally used in supplement form are chlorella pyrenoidosa and chlorella vulgaris. Chlorella comes in either powder form or in tablets. The powder can be mixed in water or juice and consumed either on an empty stomach or with food.

What Are the Health Benefits Of Chlorella?

Chlorella contains roughly 45% protein, 20% carbohydrates, 20% fat, 10% vitamins and minerals, and 5% fiber. Chlorella has a high amount of essential minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, including B6 and B12. The health benefits of chlorella are impressive, and this superfood has been shown to increase immune functioning, lower blood pressure, strengthen wound healing in the body, cleanse the bloodstream, improve digestion, detoxify heavy metals, reduce tumor growth and the spread of cancer, reduce damage due to radiation, and reduce cholesterol.

How Can I Use Chlorella For Detoxification?

Chlorella can help cleanse the blood stream from toxins, and specifically help detox the body of heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic. When used for heavy metal detoxification, it is important to follow a detox regimen in conjunction with a detoxification diet. Begin your cleanse by eliminating all sugar, caffeine, gluten, and simple carbohydrates from your diet. Because heavy metals feed candida in the gut, it is important to adhere to an anti-candida diet during the cleanse. After two weeks of this diet begin taking 400mg of chlorella in the morning 30 minutes before your first meal of the day. You may notice an initial healing crisis as your body begins eliminating toxins that have been stored in your tissue and cells.

Continue taking chlorella daily, slowly increasing the dose over the course of a few weeks. It is essential that you eliminate all sugars and simple carbohydrates from your diet, and include animal fats and animal proteins in your diet. Heavy metals need to bind to fat molecules in order to be eliminated from the body, and animal fats have been shown to be the most effective for this purpose. In addition to chlorella, begin taking high doses of vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as other antioxidants such as glutathione. Milk thistle is also an effective supplement for aiding the liver during detoxification. If you have mercury fillings please consult a holistic dentist before beginning a heavy metal detox. It will likely be necessary for you to have any mercury fillings replaced before beginning the cleanse.

What Is An Appropriate Dosage For Chlorella?

It’s best to begin taking smaller doses of chlorella to see how your body responds. A starting dose for chlorella is around 400-800mg, taken daily. Some people experience an initial adverse reaction to chlorella, and it can be a good idea to slowly increase your dose of chlorella over a few weeks. It can also help to take chlorella with food. However, if you are using chlorella for detoxification processes, you will want to consider taking chlorella at least 30 minutes before a meal in order for the chlorella to coat the intestinal lining, allowing the algae to bind with toxins that may be present. Chlorella can also be taken in conjunction with cilantro only after an initial detoxification period of one to two months of chlorella beforehand. Because chlorella is considered a food, there is no suggested upper limit for dosage. Chlorella is a very potent food, however, and should be consumed with care until you known how your body reacts.

Are There Side Effects Associated With Chlorella?

Possible side effects from chlorella are nausea, gas, bloating, stomach upset, cramping, green stool. Chlorella can cause people with sensitive skin to become even more sensitive to sun, and proper sun protection should be used when taking chlorella. Chlorella can also cause allergic reaction in certain people with iodine sensitivity. Chlorella may contribute to breathing difficulties, exacerbating asthma and other breathing conditions. Because chlorella increases immune functioning, it may increase symptoms in people suffering from auto immune conditions such as lupus or ulcerative colitis. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about taking chlorella.

Chlorella can be a potent health aid when introduced into your diet slowly and with care. Because chlorella binds with heavy metals, make sure to find a brand of chlorella that is organic and produced in non contaminated areas. Broken cell chlorella is preferred due to the body’s ability to better assimilate this form of chlorella. It may help to use chlorella for detoxification under the supervision of a holistic counselor or practitioner experienced in detoxification and cleanses.

Chlorella has been used in victims of 911 as well as war veterans due to its potent ability to detoxify chemicals and protect against radiation. In addition to these healing qualities, chlorella can also improve energy levels, and even reduce bad breath.

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