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Addressing the Emotional-Energetic Dimension of Cancer

 An Examination of the Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Intuitive Bodywork– GUEST POST by Melanie Bowen.  

When battling cancer, it is imperative to consider that the illness is multidimensional.  And in order to truly heal, one must address the particular emotional context that may have influenced the body to become more susceptible to such a condition in the first place. In this sense, conventional and alternative cancer treatments acting on the physical level (such as chemotherapy, radiation, usage of herbs, etc) should be augmented with emotional-energetic treatments. These treatments help to elucidate underlying emotional and energetic baggage that may actually have an influence on how well your body can heal from the condition at hand.

This is where Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) comes into the picture. EFT is an extremely unique treatment protocol that acts on the emotional, energetic and physical levels of one’s being. The treatment sessions typically involve tapping on established acupuncture meridian points in order to release energy blockages that often manifest at the physical level as chronic illness, such as cancer.

As a safe and natural complementary cancer therapy, EFT can also help cancer patients deal with the intense emotional and psychological side effects of undergoing cancer treatment, which often include stress, anxiety, depression and loss of motivation. In the case of systemic cancers such as mesothelioma and lymphoma, EFT offers a solution to grappling with the uncomfortable, painful side effects of conventional treatments through addressing the mind-body connection and thus helping the patient overcome the concomitant physical pain that occurs with standard treatment practices. Like other fast-spreading cancers, lymphoma and mesothelioma life expectancy rates are strongly influenced by the patient’s emotional and psychological state due to the demanding nature of the disease and treatments. From this perspective, EFT should serve as an essential facet of any cancer treatment strategy in order to make sure that the “whole person” is addressed as part of the healing journey.

Similar to EFT, the practice of Intuitive Bodywork can also play a paramount role in helping one overcome the emotional-psychological side effects of having cancer and undergoing conventional treatments. Intuitive Bodywork is noteworthy in its approach since the treatment unifies the physically beneficial practice of massage with an energetic component that focuses on releasing energetic-emotional blockages. In the case of cancer, this is extremely advantageous since Intuitive Bodywork has the dual convenience of treating potential underlying emotional-energetic blockages that may complicate the healing process, in addition to helping reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, just as EFT does.

If you or a loved one is currently healing from cancer, make sure to embrace these exciting complementary cancer treatment options. Healing starts from within and there is no better way to spark this realization than with EFT and Intuitive Bodywork!

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