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You are what you think

There is a profound connection between the thoughts we think, our emotional reactions, and our physical health.  I discovered this first hand through my own self healing.  As I began a process of mindful awareness I became amazed and shocked at the true nature of my thoughts, and began to see more clearly how they were connected to my dis-ease.

My desire to heal, for instance, seemed like a very positive desire stemming from positive thinking.  And from this desire to heal I thought that I could find healing by controlling what I ate.  So over the course of 8 years I dramatically changed my diet.  And while I ate very healthy foods and was taking really good care of myself, I slowly began to notice that my thoughts about healing myself were not as positive as I’d assumed, but were actually quite negative.  I found myself worrying about food all the time, trying to figure out what foods or diets were the best, beating myself up for eating something i knew would make my symptoms worse.  So even though I thought I was doing the “healthy” thing by eating a healthy diet, I was in a state of anxiety and negativity much of the time, and I began to realize a deeper truth about my disease…

The thoughts that I was continually thinking about food, my body, and my life, were all a part of what was making me sick!  This huge realization led me to begin investigating the power of my own thoughts, and how they were effecting my health and my life.  I began to uncover some very interesting things within myself!

This is what I have learned over the past few years:  Every thought has a vibration that effects our emotional and physical state.  As a thought is created within our mind, the energy behind that thought (existing as subtle vibration) travels all throughout the body.  This vibration interacts with our emotional energy, the cells within our body, and even other life forms around us.

A negative thought has a denser and slower vibration, creating a negative emotional response, resulting in tension, and over time, dis-ease in the body. Have you ever noticed that when you are depressed, your energy levels plummet and your appetite changes?  There is an energetic communication happening between your thoughts, your emotions, and the cells of your body!  Negative thoughts have a lower frequency and actually cause disharmony within the body, emotional imbalance, and can have a negative effect on the physical state.

Positive loving thoughts, however, vibrate at a higher rate with frequencies that bring the body and emotions into balance, creating harmony within the systems of the body.  There is growing evidence within the field of Quantum Physics that support this claim (read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s, The Biology of Belief for further evidence).

From my own healing I understand this principle first hand, and continue to see it in effect as my body continues to heal and grow stronger in conjunction with positive thoughts and positive emotional energies.  My path to healing began when I started to bring awareness to all the negative thoughts that were running through my mind.  Not until I made a practice of watching these thoughts did I even realize all the subtle underlying negative energy behind them, and consequently my negative emotional reactions, and their connection to the physical state of dis-ease within my body.

So simply put, the path to healing often begins by becoming more aware of the thoughts in our mind.

What are your thoughts about yourself, your body, your health, your relationships, your family, your career, even your personality?  All of these thoughts have been conditioned within our minds by our families as well as society around us, reinforcing belief systems that are often times dysfunctional.  Being in a state of dis-ease is a good indicator that there is some dysfunction present.

However, It is not as easy as simply thinking happy thoughts all of the time.  It is crucial to honestly look at painful experiences and traumas of our past that are being stored in the cellular history of our bodies.  The following blog entries will help you begin to investigate how you can release and change old thought patterns, allowing more health, love, and vitality into your life!

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