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The Healing Vibration of Love

Water molecule in love

The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book, The Hidden Messages of Water, have shown that molecules of water subjected to loving intention freeze in the form of brilliant, complex, and colorful crystalline patterns.  In contrast, water exposed to negative thoughts form incomplete, asymmetrical patterns, with less cohesive qualities.  Dr Emoto’s findings have changed the way science is looking at energy, and has profound implications regarding the power of our own intentions to heal ourselves…

This is a great example showing us that when we place loving intention within our bodies, the cells of our bodies actually become more organized, structured, cohesive, and function in harmony and balance.  Where we place our loving intention and awareness literally has the power to heal our bodies from dis-ease.  BUT, we must begin to let go of our old ideas about what love is, and actually start EXPERIENCING the VIBRATION and TRUTH of love.

Love is so much more than the limited beliefs, associations, and concepts that we have individually and collectively created.  In fact, the mind can never understand the feeling of love, it has to be felt and experienced.  Love is the Universal Life Energy that is at the “heart” of all matter.  Quantum Physics is bringing this into the light, proving that at the most basic level all of matter is actually energy, vibrating with infinite potential to exist in any state.  Is that not the feeling of love?…energy with the possibility of infinite potential?  When we feel the vibration of love anything feels possible–we feel light, we are giving, we are happy, joyful, feel healthy, feel free!

Throughout our lives, however, we have been conditioned to search for these feelings of love outside of ourselves, instead of EXPERIENCING what is already within.

We learn to place our awareness on a physical task so that we complete it successfully, and in that brief moment, shift our awareness to feel the sensation of love at its completion.  We learn to feel love conditionally and selectively, only when we think we deserve it.  Yet, the power to heal is to understand that we have the CHOICE to feel the sensations of love whenever we desire.

If we strip away our cultural and personal beliefs about what love is,understanding that it is literally a VIBRATION that flows out from within us all the time, we don’t have to wait until we think we deserve it in order to feel it!  We can re-learn how to experience love in every moment by shifting the focus of our awareness back within ourselves, within our hearts.  And this doesn’t need to disrupt our lives in any way.  We simply go about our day to day lives keeping part of our awareness on the center of our chest.  Its incredibly simple, yet the key is remembering to go to the source of love, rather than reverting to old patterns of looking for love and validation outside ourselves.  This increased self awareness lends itself to our spiritual development and emotional healing.

So, if you will, in this moment try an experiment

First take a few deep breaths…

Now, with every inhalation think of someone or something that you love! On the exhalation let your body relax and release any tension you are holding.  Again, inhale and concentrate on the feeling of love that you feel for this person or thing.  Close your eyes if it helps.  Keep thinking about that person or thing while you breath, releasing all tension in the body on the exhalation, and notice what happens in your emotions and your body!… 

You have likely begun to feel the sensations of love in your body.  Maybe you get a subtle warm feeling, a feeling of ease, or a slight sensation of peace within.  In this moment, the dis-ease in your body has lessened.  In this moment you have tuned into a higher vibration.  And notice, now, as the thought of the loved one fades, so too does the feeling of love within.  There is nothing surprising about this result, yet the implications are profound!

This loving vibration is ALWAYS present, it is merely covered up most of the time by denser mental and emotional vibrations that often take the form of negative thoughts and feelings.  By consciously creating positive thoughts, we are reprogramming our minds to tune into this higher vibration, and over time, changing the cellular functioning within the systems of our body. 

A really powerful tool for this is called a MANTRA.  A mantra is repeating loving words to refocus our awareness to these higher vibrations of love existing within.  It is not the words themselves that have any power, rather, they are merely helping to shift your awareness to the loving vibrations within your body that follow a positive thought and that have the power to heal!  When we use a mantra such as I AM LOVED, or I AM HEALED, in the split second when we utter these words, we unconsciously bring our awareness to the vibrations associated with the words…

The words themselves don’t actually matter, they are merely giving your subconscious mind permission to feel the sensation that has always been there!  So use memories, positive thoughts, words and phrases, anything that allows you to have that feeling of love.  Always remembering to focus on the feeling and not the words themselves, for they are only the catalyst.  Do not expect to just repeat a mantra and heal.  You have to allow yourself to really feel it as you are saying it, otherwise you are not consciously shifting your vibration.

Eventually you won’t have to use thoughts or mantras at all, you will know how to focus your awareness to feel the vibration of love whenever you wish.  Though this process is crucial to healing, you don’t have to be in a state of love all the time to heal by any means.  But notice that the more you re-focus your awareness on love, the more love you feel, the better you feel, and watch your body “miraculously” begin to heal.

As a holistic counselor I have learned to use this form of energy healing to heal myself from disease.  As we tune our awareness to the different vibrations within we realize we have infinite choice in how we create our experience.

For all of you who are doubting this process, notice what thoughts have arisen in your mind.  Did you have a slightly negative thought such as, “this won’t work,” or, “this is silly,” or some other form of annoyance?  As you do, pay attention to how you feel in this moment.  If the thoughts and feelings do not uplift you, bringing you peace and joy, why, for god’s sake, are you focusing on them?  :)

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------