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Testament to the Power of Prana to Support Life—Breatharian couple Akiha and Camila about to give birth to their first breatharian child.

When I first heard about breatharianism many years ago I didn’t believe that it was possible.  I recently got reintroduced to the idea through a friend, and this time it seemed like the most natural thing to do.  Some memory awoke in me that at one point this was actually our natural state.  After doing some research I have begun to understand how our bodies have been designed to take nourishment from the air, sun, and earth.

 You do not need to fill your head with ideas about how Breatharianism works, or whether or not to believe it, you can watch this video of a breatharian couple who are about to give birth to their first breatharian child and see for yourself.  This is further evidence of the power of the life force within and around us to sustain life.  Enjoy.

As a holistic health counselor I do not recommend ceasing to eat food without the proper guidance and preparation.  Becoming breatharian should be a natural progression for someone who has been preparing to live a food free lifestyle and is ready for that transition. 

Throughout my process of emotional healing I realized how much I was looking outside myself for support in various ways that did not feel healthy to me.  One of those unhealthy relationships has been with food.  A part of spiritual growth for me has been about reexamining my relationship with many aspects of my life, including food.  Through this process there is a natural energy healing that takes place, as we reclaim our own power and energy that before we were giving away.  I offer holistic counseling in Oakland and Berkeley for those who are interested in self healing and spiritual development.

Blessings and good health!


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