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6 Tips For a Successful Meditation

Maintaining a regular meditation practice can often feel overwhelming and a daunting task.  The benefits of regular meditation, however, have proven to be incredibly healthful, increasing mental, emotional, and even physical health.  Here are a few tips to help you stick with it, getting the most out of your meditation practice.  Continue Reading

HCL for Indigestion

4 Tips For Using Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

If you suffer from low stomach acid, you could likely benefit from taking betaine hydrochloric acid (HCL).  Without adequate stomach acid, food does not get properly digested, and can cause symptoms such as indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, malabsorption of nutrients, and nutrient deficiencies.  HCL is a supplement that increases the acidity in the stomach, aiding in the digestive process.  There is a specific way to take HCL, however, and by sticking to these tips, you can avoid the painful side effects of this supplement, such as heartburn, stomachache, and abdominal bloating.  Continue Reading

Natural Cold Remedies


It’s cold season!  And while a flu shot is what your doctor might suggest, here are some natural and holistic approaches for boosting your immune system.  Keep it natural and keep it simple when it comes to cold remedies.


With powerful antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, garlic has been used for thousands of years to treat a multitude of health conditions. The active compound in garlic is allicin, a sulfuric-based chemical that inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses in the body. Try finely chopping a clove of garlic and swallowing with water. Because of the high acidity of garlic, it may help to take garlic with a small amount of food in order to prevent stomach upset.


Zinc has been shown to help reduce the severity and symptoms of a cold. This essential mineral can be found in certain foods, but can also be taken in lozenge form, or as a nasal or throat spray. It is believed that zinc inhibits the viral cell reproduction in the upper respiratory system, thereby slowing the spread of infection. A 1996 study showed that
people who took 6-8 zinc lozenges a day found relief from their cold an average of 3.5 days quicker than those who did not use zinc. Concerns have been raised about the safety of zinc, with some research showing overuse of zinc can damage olfactory nerves, and inhibit taste and smell sensation. Limit your use of zinc to no more than 15-30 milligrams a day for no more than a week at a time.


An herbal remedy that has been in use for thousands of years in China, Echinacea provides the immune system much needed support in order to ward off colds and infections. In a 2007 study from the University of Connecticut, the effects of echinacea were observed in 3000 participants. The study showed that Echinacea reduced the likelihood of becoming sick by 58%, as well as reduced the duration of a cold by one to two days. Research has shown that echinacea is most effective when taken before getting sick, showing less positive results when taken after the onset of a cold. Take
Echinacea daily for two weeks if you feel a cold coming on, but do not take Echinacea longer than three weeks at a time, as there have been reports of some negative side effects from long-
term use.

Eucalyptus oil

This oil comes from the eucalyptus tree, a species native to Australia. The active compound in the oil is a chemical called cineole, and can be used to help fight viral and bacterial infections. Eucalyptus oil is not intended for consumption, and should only be used topically, or in a steam bath. Try dropping 4-5 drops of eucalyptus oil in a pan of steaming water, covering your head with a towel, and inhaling the steam. Repeat this process twice a day, once in the morning, and again before bed.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus root is another common Chinese herb for fighting colds, and has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system during the onset of a cold. Studies have shown that this herb contains antiviral properties, as well as antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals that can aid the body in fighting infection. Astragalus can interact
with certain medications, and it is advised that you check with your doctor before taking astragalus if you are currently taking medication for another health condition.
One of the keys to nipping a cold in the bud is preventative care through holistic remedies. If you feel a cold coming on, use these natural remedies sooner rather than later in order to avoid coming down with a full-blown cold. Always remember to drink plenty of water and other liquids, get plenty of rest, and wash your hands to prevent spreading the infection. Be sure to check with your doctor before using any of these remedies if you are currently taking medication for other health conditions.

We Are so Blessed. Give Thanks!

I’m writing this blog as a gentle reminder for all of us to take time today to focus on those things which we are blessed to receive and experience in our lives.  There is so much to be grateful for in this world, so much beauty, love, and abundance all around us.  It can be easy to forget about these things, and to take them for granted–even the most simple things, like having access to running water, electricity, and an abundance of food.  How many times have you found yourself comparing yourself to others, wishing you had more, or wishing your life was different in some way?  Yet for most of us living in developed countries, we are incredibly blessed with basic life sustaining amenities that billions of people around the world don’t even have access to.  Not to mention the beauty all around us; the mountains, ocean, and incredible beauty of nature.  The capacity of the human heart is incredible too, with the potential for such kindness, compassion, and love to be expressed!  Everyday there are millions of people around the world doing kind things for one another, for animals, and the earth, which often go unreported or unnoticed.   Continue Reading

A Heart Opening Exercise

Most people are accustomed to going about their lives seeking to get their own needs met through attaining the attention or validation of others.  This phenomenon is supported within our culture, and has become so normalized that most people don’t even notice that it is happening.  But when we take the time to reverse these patterns, and instead make a point of opening up and sharing ourselves with others, we can actually experience more loving energy simply through the act of sharing it.  This is a very powerful way to open your own heart, which often inspires others to do the same.

Try this simple exercise to see how powerful a small decision to love can be in your life. Choose one day to commit to acknowledging in some way every person that you encounter throughout your day. Because every time you acknowledge another person in some way, it is actually a gift of love. And when you greet the person, do it with as much presence as you are able, taking the time to say hello, make eye contact, smile, and truly acknowledge the other person.

Greet everyone you encounter in a kind and compassionate way; the person standing next to you in line at the supermarket, the checker at the supermarket (and the bagger too), as well as the people you pass on the street. Wave, say hello, or smile to all of life around you, including children and animals. You can even say hello to the flowers and trees. Do not be concerned what others may think of you, but instead, pay attention to how good you feel as you open up to life around you. This simple exercise may sound trivial, but if you commit to trying it for one full day, you will understand the power of this practice. Very likely, by the end of the day it will have been one of the best days in recent memory.

By making the commitment to stay open and loving towards others, you can reverse the many subtle habits of fear. While most people are consumed with trying to get their needs met by receiving attention and validation from others, instead, be the one who freely gives attention, and who lovingly acknowledges others. We are all longing to be seen and honored. When you decide to be the one to see and honor others, without expecting anything in return, you are offering the greatest gift possible; that of unconditional love. The secret is that through the act of giving, you receive so much. There is no better feeling than to give love to another, to bring a moment of warmth to an interaction where there was no warmth before.

Yet many people experience a fear of love, a resistance to sharing love openly with others. Due to past experiences of rejection, pain, and hurt, we often put up walls and barriers around the heart, shutting ourselves off from love. In the process we learn patterns of giving and receiving love conditionally. To begin allowing unconditional love back into our lives, is to begin unraveling the myth of what love is, and to discover the true Source of this divine energy within.

When I first began conscious heart opening practices, it was after reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.  Soon after I began offering holistic counseling because I was so excited to share this greater truth of our connection, and the power of love to heal.  It is now a daily practice for me to open my heart to greater depths to the people in my life, and to share my energy in the most uplifting way, and in service for the highest good.  It has been a wonderful and joyous journey, and I am blessed to be able to help guide others through a similar process through the holistic counseling services that I offer.

Continue Reading

The Curse of Comfort

“Comfort…that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master.” -Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet.

One of the biggest myths of the collective ego, a myth that is greatly perpetuated in popular culture, is the idea that an abundance of comfort and security will result in happiness and a meaningful life. Beginning as early as childhood we are fed the belief that if we work hard enough we can eradicate all discomfort, avoid all pain, and finally feel safe, happy, and content. While the ego would prefer to erase all the unknowns of life, and remove all potentially uncomfortable or painful experiences, this would actually be a recipe for suffering. Continue Reading

Untangle Yourself From A Dysfunctional Culture

A Mind Dominated Culture

It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” –J. Krishnamurti

When becoming aware of the ego it may seem startling to see just how much of our cultural experience is built around the ego. The economic systems of the world (for the most part) are focused around the individual having more, getting more, and working up the social and economic ladder. Beginning in early childhood most people have been conditioned to be in a state of neediness, always looking outside oneself for fulfillment in one form or another. Continue Reading

Decoding Co-dependency: Part II

The Roots of Codependency

codepdenencyWe all come into this world emanating unconditional love, joy, and peace. You can feel this in the energy of children, who express a natural vibrancy and joy just for the sheer experience of being alive. In the early stages of childhood, children give their love unconditionally, remaining open and in a state of innocence and presence. As a child grows, however, he or she begins to have the experience of feeling abandoned by their parents, of rejection from family and friends, and a belief begins to form in the young psyche that feeling unconditional love is neither acceptable nor safe. We form the belief that who we are in our essence is not okay. The implications of this are profound. We actually begin associating the idea of unconditional love and freedom with feelings of hurt, vulnerability, and even fear. In this way we learn to fear love, we learn to fear the very essence of who we are.

In order to protect ourselves from this pain, the ego begins to firmly take root in the developing psyche during childhood. We begin putting up defenses, guarding against others, and in the process, we begin expressing love conditionally. We learn to only give when we will get something in return. We begin limiting how much love we express, and in doing so, limit how much love we feel in our own lives.

In this deficit of love we begin to become self-centered, seeking to get our own needs met from others. And in times when we are unable to get our needs met from others, we often shut down, becoming angry, bitter, or frustrated. This creates conflict with the people in our lives, with blame often resulting; “if only you were behaving differently in some way, then I wouldn’t have to be upset right now…I need you to change in some way so that I can be happy.” In the moment, closing down serves as a form of self preservation. Though this defense mechanism allows one to survive, every time the decision is made to shut down, it enshrouds the heart in one more layer of forgetfulness—forgetfulness of the truth of who we are as loving beings. And there is no suffering greater than denying ourselves and others the love which is our natural expression.

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How to Dissolve Limiting Core Beliefs

Underlying the thoughts that we audibly hear in our thinking mind, exist layers of unconscious beliefs that have been so deeply programmed within us that we don’t even experience them as thoughts, but rather, as automatic and immediate reactions. A belief, however, is simply a thought that you have thought enough times that it has now become automatic.

You can dissolve any limiting core belief by first seeing it, and then choosing to override it with a new belief, or simply by resting in the stillness of the present moment. Whenever you catch yourself in a state of negativity or ego reaction, take the opportunity to investigate your thought process to uncover the deeper unconscious belief that may be fueling your automatic reactions. Some common underlying core beliefs that may be shaping your moment-to-moment reactions are:

1. I am not good enough
2. I must prove myself worthy to receive love
3. I am not capable or competent enough
4. I do not have control over my reactions or thoughts 5. I must struggle in order to survive
6. The world is a dangerous place

7. Material possession, status and money equal happiness 8. I must fulfill other people’s expectations

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Decoding Codependency: Part I

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi


When most people think of codependency, they think of the classic example of the drug addict, and the person who bends over backwards to enable the addict to maintain their addiction. Though the codependent behaviors I am speaking of in this section are much more subtle than this classic example, the phenomenon is the same. In reality, most everyone on the planet is dealing with the same fundamental addiction, and yet many people aren’t aware of it. Most everyone is addicted to looking outside of themselves for love. It is the addiction of seeking relief from the separation anxiety we feel from our own hearts; the anxiety of feeling cast out of Oneness, disconnected from our greater connection with the Universe, God, and unconditional love. And just like any addict, most everyone is searching for that feeling of connection once again. Continue Reading

Complete Protocol For Healing Leaky Gut

According to Chinese medicine, almost all disease begins through the degradation of the digestive tract. This ancient knowledge has been verified by many well-known researchers and alternative medical practitioners since the early 1900s. This theory is now becoming more widely accepted in western medicine, although there is still much resistance despite the growing body of evidence.

When the intestinal lining becomes compromised due to inflammation, it creates small gaps in the mucosal lining. This allows non-digested food particles and toxins to enter the blood stream. This often triggers the immune system to fight off these foreign invaders, causing increased inflammation throughout other parts of the body. An overtaxed and stressed immune system can begin mistaking bodily tissue for undigested proteins in the blood, leading to chronic autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and lupus.

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Healing through Celibacy

“Sexual energy permeates every aspect of our lives, including the work that we do, our creative projects, our relationships with others, our relationship with food, money, material objects, and even the earth. Sexual energy is our life energy, the energy of creation itself, and I feel that it truly is the deepest desire of every human being to use their energy for the highest good of all…..

My journey into celibacy began in the spring of 2012 as I started living more fully in the present moment and from my heart.  Having read about the ego from contemporary spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, I began studying and dissolving my own ego based thoughts.  As I continued to feel into the nature of my thoughts, learning to empower thoughts that felt good in my heart, while dissolving the mental patterns responsible for creating negativity, what I noticed was that most sexual thoughts did not actually feel good. I began to see a pattern emerging around my sexual thoughts, and I observed how in moments of anxiety or boredom I was more likely to have a sexual thought than when I was in a peaceful state.

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A Powerful 5 Minute Meditation to Boost Your Energy

The Energy Within

Try the following exercise to practice heightening your awareness of the energy field within: Continue Reading

Tools for Increasing Intimacy in Relationship

holistic counseling for greater intimacy

Many couples struggle with creating more trust and intimacy in their relationships. Life circumstances, the pressures of work, financial issues, and the stress of raising a family, can all contribute to reducing the feelings of intimacy between you and your partner. Luckily, there are many tools and strategies you can use to increase the intimacy and trust in your relationship.

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The Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Withania somnifera (more commonly known as ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, and winter cherry) is a plant belonging to the nightshade family, and a common herb used in Ayurveda medicine.  The herb is grown in dry regions of India, and has been used for thousands of years to increase energy and stamina.  The herb is considered an adaptogen, which is a class of substances that aid the body in handling stress and anxiety.  Ashwagandha is one of the most common herbs used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatments, and has been used to treat conditions ranging from ear infection to asthma. Continue Reading

Affirmations For Healing

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you consciously changed your thoughts to change how you experience yourself and your life. The art of using positive affirmations has been around for thousands of years through the use of prayer, mantra, and energy practices. Only recently have these techniques begun to receive scientific validation through clinical studies, giving credence to what many spiritual people already knew: your thoughts are very powerful, and can be used to heal yourself and improve your life. Continue Reading

Holistic Treatments For Migraine Headaches

If you are one of the 30 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, you are probably well aware of how debilitating and uncomfortable this condition can be. Migraine headaches can disrupt a person’s daily life, making it hard to focus and function normally.
Continue Reading

The Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Also known as the wolf berry, goji berries are a bright orangish red fruit native to China. This superfruit has traditionally been used in China, Tibet, and India for its health applications, such as treating diabetes, certain eye conditions, high blood pressure, and reducing fever. Most notably are the claims that goji berries act as a “fountain of youth,” helping to increase longevity. While some of these claims are less substantiated than others, it is clear that goji berries pack a punch when it comes to healthful benefits. Continue Reading

The Mystery Behind Gluten Intolerance

While gluten intolerance has always been present in a small percentage of the population, the occurrence is rapidly growing. Recent research points to modern industrial farming practices, wheat hybridization, and a change in the actual molecular structure of the wheat strain used in most modern wheat products. While the jury is still out, staying up to date on the debate over gluten may help you avoid gluten related symptoms, and the long term health complications associated with gluten intolerance. Continue Reading

Unlocking the Wisdom of Your Body with Feldenkrais

Whether you are aware of it or not, your body has been subtly programmed to move in specific patterns based on conditioning from your parents, family, friends, and the culture in which you were raised. Some of these often unconscious patterns of movement can potentially limit physical mobility, effect patterns of thought and emotion, and even effect your everyday sense of well being. A method of somatic education called Feldenkrais, developed by physicist, engineer, and judo master, Moshe Feldenkrais, provides tools to reprogram patterns of movement to increase mobility and quality of life. Continue Reading

Natural Treatments for Depression

There are many natural remedies for depression that can help restore balance into your life without the undesirable side effects of medication. Continue Reading

The Health Benefits of Chlorella

The health benefits of chlorella were first recognized in popular culture in the 1940s as a possible source of food that could be mass produced to help end world hunger. While often thought of as a supplement, this highly nutritious algae can actually be consumed as a food. With a high concentration of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, chlorella truly lives up to its status as a superfood. There are numerous health benefits associated with chlorella, from increased energy and immune functioning, to the detoxification of heavy metals from the body. Continue Reading

Meditation Made Easy with Binaural Beats

The Science Behind Binaural Beats


First discovered in 1839 by scientist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, Binaural beats use low frequencies of sound to effect changes in the brain. The phenomenon is created when two near identical frequencies of sound are played into each ear, creating a dissonant auditory signal into the brain. Continue Reading

Bee Pollen: A Potent Healing Superfood

Bee pollen is considered by many health experts to be a perfect food due to its high levels of nutrients, vitamins, protein, and amino acids. In fact, bee pollen contains more protein than any other animal source, as well as nearly all the nutrients required by humans for healthy functioning. High in vitamins A, B1, B3, and B12, as well as fatty acids, carbohydrates, trace minerals, and at least 22 amino acids essential for muscle growth, this superfood has numerous health applications. Continue Reading

Feelings Versus Emotions; Dissolving Emotional Patterns

One stumbling block for many people along the spiritual path is the confusion between feelings and emotions. It can be very helpful to understand the difference between the two, in order to gain greater clarity about what emotional experiences you want to empower in your life. Continue Reading

Pranayama: Breathing For Better Health

Breathing techniques have been utilized for thousands of years by Indian yogis, who were among the first to uncover the healing effects of controlled breathing. These practices have only recently made their way into the mainstream culture through the practice of yoga. One breathing technique, known as pranayama, is believed to hold the key to better health and happiness. The health benefits of practicing pranayama have been well documented, and include decreased levels of stress and anxiety, as well as increased mental, emotional, and physical health. Continue Reading

Chakra Healing

Harmonizing the Chakras Using Sound

         Sound healing is often used in conjunction with a particular intention focused on dissolving an energetic blockage in the body. Before imbalance manifests as physical disease in the body, it first occurs as an energetic blockage, often experienced as mental or emotional turmoil. When energy becomes blocked, it prevents the whole system from working in harmony, and can cause mental and emotional distress, and eventually physical illness. By “tuning” up the energy centers of the body through sound and intention, you can keep your body healthy and vibrant.

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Learning to Relax takes Practice

Often times people think of relaxation as something that you do at the end of the day, or in between daily activities.  You can, however, begin cultivating a practice of deep relaxation throughout the day as a way to increase your mood, vitality, and overall sense of wellbeing.  Here are some simple yet effective ways to practice living in a relaxed state of being.

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What the World Needs Now

Bringing peace to the world begins within each one of us.  The reason for this is that we are all connected energetically, and as each one of us shifts our internal experience towards that of peace, it ripples out into the collective energy of all people on the planet. Continue Reading

Happy and Grateful Today

So grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life.  I am so grateful for feeling this breath, feeling this body, feeling this moment, Continue Reading

An Abundance of Gratitude

To be thankful is an art form that takes practice.  Most people have been taught that being critical, judgmental and dissatisfied is what motivates us to work harder to achieve our goals.  This may be true for some, however it is a very limited form of creative expression, and is the difference between surviving and thriving.  To truly thrive is to take action in your life based on inspiration, joy, and excitement.  Practicing gratitude is the fastest way to connect yourself to your Heart, your soul, and your higher guidance.  Here is what I am thankful for today Continue Reading

Happy For This Day

Every day we have a new opportunity to recreate ourselves in the image that our Heart desires.  By focusing on what we are grateful for we allow ourselves the opportunity to bring these experiences more fully into our awareness.  Here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Happy is an Art

Being happy takes practice.  It is a funny kind of practice, however, in that it requires “no effort”  When you put down thoughts of anxiety, stress, “shoulds” and all the pressure you may be putting on yourself to be better, you will find that peace and a sense of wellbeing naturally returns.  It takes practice to relax into this natural state of happy.  Practicing gratitude is a great way to practice relaxing into happy.  Here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

Gratitude Abounds!

Focusing on all of the positive things by practicing gratitude in your life is one of the most amazing and transformative practices.  The idea is that everything is a gift, the “good,” the “bad,” and everything in between.  Here is the rationale behind this statement:  when something happy happens to you it allows you the opportunity to grow and expand into more of your naturally loving state.  This takes the form of celebration, joy, fun, playfulness, sharing, giving, and experiencing new levels of connectedness to others and life around you.   When you go through challenging times, obstacles, and bumps in the road, these experiences cause you to reflect on your process, to observe your reactions, patterns, and belief systems that may be contributing to suffering.  The suffering that occurs during challenging times serves to dissolve the ego, the false self, and connect you to more of your authentic and true self.  In this way, EVERYTHING that you experience, EVERYTHING that happens in life–the “good,” the “bad,” and everything in between– is grace!  EVERYTHING is a blessing.  Count your blessings and watch as the fear and anxiety about life diminishes, and feel the freedom to jump more fully into the river of life.

Changing your life is not necessary….changing how you perceive life makes all the difference–and as you do, watch your life change miraculously from the inside out!   Continue Reading

Happiness is the Truth

There is a reason why the pop song, “Happiness” resonated with so many people.  Our natural state is happiness, and we naturally gravitate towards this direction when we remember that we always have this option.  It can take practice, however, to remember that we always have a choice about what we focus on in our lives.  here is what I am happy for today Continue Reading

Grateful to Be Alive

Focusing on what brings positivity and happiness is such a wonderful way to increase your awareness of the positive aspects of life.  Here are mine for today Continue Reading

Happy to Be Today

Happiness is a state of being brought on by moment by moment choices.  Creating the pathway to happiness and contentment takes practice and focusing on what you are grateful for is a wonderful way to gain mastery in making the most uplifting and healthy choices moment to moment!  Continue Reading

grateful for this day

here is what I am happy for today! Continue Reading

Grateful for this amazingness!

Hello!  Today is a new day, filled with new opportunities to recreate yourself and your life.  Choose how you want to live, how you want to perceive the world, and let yourself live this life.  Here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

Happy to start anew!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools to transform negativity into positivity.  To be grateful for all of life’s lessons, for all of life’s experiences is to live in the present moment, unafraid of life, embracing all that is.  Here is what I am grateful for today: Continue Reading

Happy to be Here

Practicing gratitude can change your life.  Here’s why.  when you focus on what you are happy for, it feels good.  When you feel good you feel love.  when you feel love you share it.  when you share love, other people feel it and share it back with you.  It keeps going this way til everyone is feeling fine.  Continue Reading

Happy to be happy

Here is what I am happy for today.   Continue Reading

Grateful for a new day

Focusing on the things that we are grateful for is a wonderful way to increase the positive flow of energy in our lives.   Here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

Gratitude abounds!

Focusing on the things that we love in life allows us to bring more of those aspects into our lives.  Here is what I am grateful for today!

Continue Reading

Grateful for this new day!

We live in a magical world, and we are creating our perceptions of this world based on what we choose to focus on.  Here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

Happy for this wonderful day!

Writing a daily list of gratitude is a wonderful way to focus on everything that you are grateful for in your life.  Here is mine for today! Continue Reading

Happiness and Blessings

Hello, good morning and good afternoon!  It is another wonderful day filled with opportunities for new experiences and new openings.  Here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Being thankful takes practice.  The reason is because most of us were taught to be critical about life, judging what is wrong, and then trying to fix what is wrong.  When we switch our focus to what is “right” then what is “wrong,” naturally fades from our awareness and our life.  Here is what is so right in my life Continue Reading

Happy to be Alive

Happiness is not something that happens to us, but something that we choose, moment by moment.  It is not something that we need to create, but rather surrender into.  Happiness and peace are our natural state, and when we let go of thoughts, feelings, and actions that interrupt the natural happiness, it comes to us in a graceful easy way.  It take practice, however, to allow the happiness to come.  Writing out what we are grateful for is a great way to naturally focus on things that bring us happiness and peace.  Continue Reading

Grateful for Now

Yep, i am grateful for this wonderful day, such a blessing to be alive. Continue Reading

Grateful for this Day!

Writing out what we are grateful for each day helps to remind us to be happy for what we have.  Here is what I am happy for today Continue Reading

Grateful for Today

writing out what I am grateful for is a wonderful way to focus on all of the positive and joyous things in my life. Continue Reading

Gratitude Abounds!!

When we focus our attention on the positive aspects of life, we allow for our experience of these things to multiply.  The is is the law of attraction in action.  Here is what I am grateful for today, Continue Reading

Happiness is the Truth

Because I’m happy!  Clap along if you feel the way I do!  Yes, happiness is a choice, and it is the difference between the experience of heaven and hell.  When we choose to see the world in the most uplifting and life affirming way, then we are creating heaven on earth.  This is a choice in every moment to be practiced.  Gratitude practices can transform the way that you relate to the world and create your reality. Continue Reading

Happy for a Brand New Day

When we write out the things that we are happy for in our lives, we are naturally focusing on the abundance that already exists.  Focusing the attention in this way multiplies the good things in our lives.  We become more attuned to all the positive things, and train our minds to look for positivity instead of negative aspects of life.   Continue Reading

Dissolve Old Patterns In Your Mind and Create a Whole New World

imagesEveryday we have the opportunity to re-create ourselves and our reality.  This is not a figurative statement, but a literal one.  Our thoughts, emotions, and bodies are pure energy, vibrating at different frequencies–and we can shift how this energy vibrates with our focus and intention.  The power that we have to create and guide the Life Energy is so strong that we can even change the state of our physical bodies by learning to focus our attention in a different way (I experienced this through healing from a disease that I was told was incurable).  When we change how we focus our attention, we create new neurological pathways in the mind, and activate more of our brain.  There are many techniques for learning to have greater focus over your attention.  here are a few: Continue Reading

What I am happy for Today!

Writing our list of gratitude reminds us of how blessed we are, and all of the wonderful and positive aspects of life.  Here is mine for today Continue Reading

Today is the Day For Happiness

Writing out what we are thankful for and grateful for increases our focus on our Heart’s desires.  Here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

happy for this day

Writing out what we are grateful for helps to focus one’s attention on all of the wonderful aspects of life.  here is what I am grateful for today!

Continue Reading

happy to be here!

Writing out what we are grateful for is a wonderful way to increase the positive and joyful experiences in our life.  Here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Daily Happiness Abounds!

Writing out what you are thankful for increases the goodness in your life.  here is what I am thankful for today Continue Reading

Gratitude for this day!

Being thankful for what is is the first step towards creating more of what your Heart desires to experience.  By holding the vision or image of the things we love, we can train our mind to focus in a positive and uplifting way.  Here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Happiness is an ongoing project! :)

Hello.  We get to create our lives any which way our Heart desires.  By focusing on what we are grateful for and what makes our Hearts happy, we increase these things in our lives.  Continue Reading

Happy For This New day

by practicing focusing on the things in life that you are grateful for, you can transform your life for the better.  Our attention and focus are so powerful, and are literally creating our experience of reality in every moment based on what we choose to focus on.  Here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Grateful For A New Day

Every moment in every day we are recreating ourselves, letting go of the old, and inviting in a new perspective, new energies, a new way of looking at ourselves and life.  Focus on how you desire to see the world, and you will begin to see it that way!  Here is how I choose to see this world Continue Reading

Daily Gratitude

Hello, writing out what you are thankful for increases the joy , positivity, and happiness in your life.  here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Listening to Your Heart

Here is what my Heart is grateful for today Continue Reading

I am happy for this day

Writing out what we are grateful for is a wonderful way to increase your awareness of positivity in your life on a daily basis.  Continue Reading

Gratitude for this new day!

Hello, writing out what we are grateful for is a wonderful way to focus our attention in a healing and positive way.  Continue Reading

Practicing Gratitude makes Perfect

“Makes Perfect” not in the way the mind thinks of perfection, but in the way that the Heart knows that everything as it is in this moment is perfect just as it is.  Here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Happiness is here to stay!

focusing on what we are grateful for takes practice and commitment to focus on positivity and love.  here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

A Brand New World!

Discipline, responsibility, and commitment!  These words can feel very heavy, and many people associate these words with doing something they really don’t enjoy very much, or don’t even want to do at all.  And yet without discipline, responsibility, and commitment, life can become  stagnant, boring, and it can be difficult to create what your Heart desires to experience.  There is a different way to use your mind to create structure in your life, in a way that balances the mind with the Heart, and allows you to celebrate and enjoy life more fully! Continue Reading

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Writing out what your heart visions for your life, is a wonderful way to clarify your soul’s purpose, and why you have chosen this life, and to have this experience here and now. The idea is that as the mind becomes quieted through meditation and mindful awareness practices, your heart speaks more loudly and clearly to you, letting you know how to bring your life more fully into alignment with the desires of your heart.  Continue Reading

Happy For Today

Writing out what I am grateful for each day helps to remind me of all the blessings that I experience in my life.  Here is what I am grateful for today.

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Happy Today For Life!

Writing out daily happiness and gratitude lists is a wonderful way to practice focusing on creating your life in the way that your Heart desires.  We shift our reality every time that we shift our perspective.  Continue Reading

So Happy to be Alive!

Hello, here is what I am grateful for today!  :) the law of attraction at work.  thank you for reading Continue Reading

Daily Happiness Quota

Yes, today is another wonderful day, another wonderful opportunity to notice all that I am grateful for!!  Continue Reading

Healing Emotional Trauma

Most everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their lives.  Healing these old emotional wounds can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.  But it is important to understand and begin seeing how these old pains will not go away on their own, until you allow your attention to begin healing this part of yourself.  One of the great paradoxes in life is that when you turn towards that which you are afraid of, what you fear no longer has any power over you.  There is a process for healing emotional trauma that is different and unique for everyone.  However, there are some universal principles that can guide the process. Continue Reading

To Be Grateful!

Hello!  Being grateful and appreciative for what we are given is a wonderful way to increase the flow of these things into our life.  Here is what I am happy for today, Continue Reading

Power of Gratitude

Writing out what you are happy and thankful for is a wonderful way to increase your awareness of all the good things in your life.  The law of attraction shows us that what we focus on, grows! yay! Continue Reading

The Art of gratitude

Writing out what you are grateful for each day is a wonderful way to increase the flow of positive energy in your life.  Here is the art of gratitude Continue Reading

Prayer of Gratitude

There is research that shows that having an attitude of gratitude actually increases physical health, as well as emotional, and mental health.  It is fun, it feels good, and its free, so why not!?!  Here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

Happy today for so many reasons

writing out daily gratitude is a wonderful way to increase the flow of positive energy in your life.  Here is what I am grateful for today…

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Happiness abounds!

Writing out what we are happy and grateful for is a wonderful way to increase our awareness of the good things in life.  Here is what I am happy for today Continue Reading

What I am happy for Today!! :)

Writing out what you are happy for in your life is a great way to increase positivity, and to practice being a master of your own thoughts and feelings.  Continue Reading

Offerings of Gratitude

Writing out daily lists of what you are grateful for can increase health and happiness.  Here is what I am grateful for today. stream of consciousness, spelling doesnt count here :) Continue Reading

Study Shows That A Common Herb Is 98% Effective In Removing Breast Cancer

There are so many supposed alternative treatments for cancer, that it can be overwhelming to decipher which ones are for real, and which ones are not.  With so many claims, it is best to let the research speak for itself.  A common herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years has recently gained the attention of researchers for its ability to irradicate breast cancer cells.  Known as wormwood, this herb has recently been the focus of laboratory research, and the results seem almost too good to be true.  Continue Reading

What I am Grateful For Today

Writing out what you are grateful for each day is a wonderful way to increase your feelings of appreciation and grattitude.  Continue Reading

What Causes Depression?

Depression can cause anxiety, frustration, feelings of sadness, and hopelessness.  The experience of depression can have a negative effect on personal and work relationships, and put a damper on your enjoyment of life.  There can be many causes for depression, including repressed emotion, situational depression, or depression related to diet and lifestyle.  By investigating each of these areas you can heal depression, and regain the joy in your life. Here are some of the causes of depression: Continue Reading

Gratefulness Abounds!

Writing daily lists of gratitude can help to dissolve old patterns of negativity and increase positivity and happiness.  Here is what I am grateful for today… Continue Reading

What I am thankful for Today!!

Writing out what we are grateful for each day is a wonderful way to increase the positivity in our lives, reinforcing our attention on the things that we love and that feel good.  here are mine for today. Continue Reading

Healing Emotional Trauma with Holistic Counseling

Each person has experienced some form of emotional trauma throughout their life.  This emotional trauma can come in the form of the loss of a loved one, as well as mental, emotional, or physical abuse, and can cause depression, anxiety, unexplained mood swings, anger, fatigue, and even physical illness.  By understanding the process for healing emotional trauma, healing depression, and healing anxiety, as well as other symptoms of repressed trauma.  Continue Reading

What I am Happy For Today

Writing out daily grattitudes is a great way to focus on what you love, and to increase your awareness of positive and beautiful things in your life…. Continue Reading

Eckhart Tolle and Spiritual Counseling

Eckhart Tolle offers some of the most accesible and easy to digest information on spiritual growth and healing.  His teachins are not new, but rather a culmination of many different lineages of spiritual tradition.  The main idea behind the teachings are that the cause of all suffering occurs in the mind.  When you remove the mind, life is simply an experience of sensations, all beautiful in their own way.  Continue Reading

Spirituality and Counseling

There is a new model for counseling, one that dissolves the “professional” facade within the field of psychology.  Many people I’ve talked to have voiced wariness over traditional therapy, expressing that it feels contrived, unnatural, and that it doesn’t seem to create much change in their lives.  I have also felt this experience.  When I was going through my masters program in psychology, Continue Reading

What I am Grateful For Today

Writing out a daily list of what you are grateful for is a wonderful way to increase the appreciation and positive energy in your life.  Here is what I am grateful for today Continue Reading

Healing Depression From Emotional Trauma

Depression can be the result of unresolved emotional trauma in your life.  By taking steps to heal yourself from the underlying trauma, you can lessen the effects of depression.  Every person desires to feel unconditional love and acceptance.  When we experience traumatic events in our life, it can have a lasting impact on our psyche and emotional experience, often times leaving us feeling hurt and unworthy of love.  By learning tools to release the emotional pain, you can begin healing and returning to a more joyful, peaceful, and happy life.   Continue Reading

Feeling the Heart: Spirituality and Counseling

Writing a daily gratitude for all of the things you are thankful for is a wonderful way to dissolve old patterns of negativity and to create more positive and loving thoughts and feelings.  Here is my list for the day.

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Awakening the Heart

Writing a daily gratitude is a wonderful way to increase the positivity and love in your life.  I learned this through my own process of healing from a disease that I was told was incurable.  I have healed my mind, emotions, and body with these practices, and now offer holistic counseling to help others

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What I Am Grateful For Today

Offering a daily list of what you are grateful for is a great way to increase the love and positivity that you feel throughout your day.  Here is what I am grateful for today. Continue Reading

---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------