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Client Feedback


       “My acupuncturist recommended I see Mica because I had been struggling with Ulcerative Colitis for many years.  I didn’t expect much as I was feeling hopeless in my ability to heal this issue.  Mica transformed my life.   I felt safe in every session and through his counseling services, I worked through some negative beliefs that were literally keeping me in a state of dis-ease.  I could tell that he genuinely cared and he worked with me to find the best solution physically, mentally, and emotionally.  As a result, Mica helped me put my Ulcerative Colitis in remission, and as an unexpected side-effect, I gained a deeper understanding of who I am.  I am very grateful.”

-Artie, 31

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“Working with Mica has helped me to heal from trauma and pain from my past.  I felt safe, nurtured, and guided by his warm presence.  I am very happy that I found him and got to do this work with him.  I highly recommend his services for anyone seeking healing from their past.” 

Jenn, 39

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        “I went to see Mica because I was feeling confused and overwhelmed with some major life decisions.  Through our sessions together I gained a lot of clarity and was able to see the bigger picture, and what really mattered to me.  I usually have a hard time trusting, but I found it was really natural to relax during our sessions.  He is really supportive, empathic, and helped me to tune into my intuition.  I would definitely recommend Mica’s counseling services to anyone who is struggling, and looking to understand themselves better.”  

Jason -25

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“I had been dealing with unexplained emotional swings (anger, frustration, anxiety and depression) for many years, and had been on medication for 2 of those years.  After a few sessions with  Mica, I started to see how I was holding onto a lot of emotional stuff from my past, holding back my feelings, and how that has been effecting my life now.  By learning to release emotional energy consciously, and letting go of many of my negative beliefs, I started to see really positive changes in my life.  I made some changes in my diet and lifestyle and adopted many of the mindful awareness techniques that Mica showed me, and have noticed a really big difference.  I feel so much better than I have for years, and am really grateful that I took the step to get counseling.”   


Lucy, 34


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