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The Energy of Love


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

        We all desire the experience of unconditional love.   Many people spend a great deal of energy proving to themselves and others that they are deserving of this love.  In this way we learn to experience love conditionally, based on how our families and the culture at large express love.  Most of us were not taught that we have the ability to go directly to the Source of love whenever we choose.  

         The truth is that love is flowing out from within us all the time.  What allows us to feel this energy is our conscious decision to focus our attention on loving and positive experiences, thoughts, and feelings.  We can also bypass our mind and emotions and go directly to the Source by practicing the meditation on the Spiritual Heart.    What this means is to literally redirect your attention to the space in your chest where your Heart is whenever you become aware of negative thinking, or feel overwhelmed with emotion.  Focusing on the breath also serves this purpose of redirecting your attention back inward towards the center of your being.  These techniques take practice, and you will need to do it again and again before it becomes natural.  As you become more practiced, you will begin to notice amazing changes in your day to day life.  

       This simple healing meditation has the potential to transform emotional patterns that have hijacked our attention, and keep us stuck in habitual emotional and mental loops.  There are many tools and techniques for refocusing our awareness on the Heart, allowing our experience of loving energy to increase (remember that your energy flows where your attention goes).  Many healers use this knowledge of attention and the Heart to direct healing energy to other people.  The emotional healing that happens is not on account of the healer, but merely the healer helping you to tune your awareness towards your own frequency of love.  Check out the blog section of the website for specific techniques and meditations focusing on the heart.  


The Power of Loving Intention

         The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book, The Hidden Messages of Water, have shown that molecules of water subjected to loving intention freeze in the form of brilliant, complex, and colorful crystalline patterns.  In contrast, water exposed to negative thoughts form incomplete, asymmetrical patterns, with less cohesive qualities.  Dr Emoto’s findings have changed the way science is looking at energy, and has profound implications regarding the power of our own loving intentions to heal ourselves.  This is a great example showing us that when we place our attention on loving and positive energy frequencies, the cells of our body can actually become more cohesive, organized, and function in greater harmony and balance.  Where we place our loving intention and awareness literally has the power to change our emotional and mental state, healing our bodies from dis-ease.  This might be considered a form of “self reiki,” and can provide much spiritual healing for a person.  

        A particular emotional experience increases or diminishes within us depending on where we place our attention.  When we focus on negative and unpleasant thoughts and feelings, this energy will grow.  When we focus on positive and loving energy, this experience will grow as well.  We learn patterns of placing our attention on certain frequencies of emotional energy based on the behaviors of our families, and the culture around us.  It is our habitual attention and focus on certain frequencies that shape our personalities and how we experience life.

          Often we believe that our emotional and mental experience is beyond our control, and we do our best not to let our mood swings or negative thoughts get us down.  When we learn to un-identify with these energies, however, we are no longer bound to them.  When we change where we focus our attention, we can create any emotional experience we choose, regardless of what is going on around us.  This is a constant meditation and takes presence not to fall into old patterns.  

         Have you ever noticed how two people can experience the same event and yet both walk away with very different experiences?  One person walks away annoyed and frustrated, while the other leaves feeling light and joyful.  Both people made decisions (either consciously or unconsciously) about what energy to focus on within themselves, and subsequently changed their emotional experience of that event.   

        This is not a process of ignoring or repressing negative and unpleasant emotions and thoughts.  Instead, we must first become conscious of the negativity within us, learn WHY we are habitually focusing on these energies, and then choose to move our awareness to a more positive and loving experience.  Often during this process of energy therapy we release emotional blockages that we have been storing throughout our lives, healing old wounds, and freeing up our energy.   



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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------