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Healing Energy Visualization

The ego thoughts within our minds often cover over emotional wounds from our past, which take the form of negative thought patterns.  This is the voice of the hurt child (often referred to by Eckhart Tolle as the “pain body.”)  The ego popped up early in our lives to ensure our survival, but is operating on outdated software.  For all its efforts, the ego does not actually bring a person greater happiness and peace.  The ego does, however, help to show us where we are holding unresolved emotional blockages.  The following steps guide you through the process of healing mental and emotional blockages.

1. Spend some time in meditation watching your thoughts, simply noticing the difference in quality of thoughts.  Begin paying attention to the varying degrees of negativity within a thought.  For instance, you may have a thought such as, “I’m tired of this cloudy weather,” and that may pop up repeatedly during meditation.  You may have another thought such as, “I’m lousy at meditating,” which also may pop up repeatedly.  Both thoughts repeat in your mind, but energetically they are quite different.  One likely has a stronger negative charge to it.  It is the thoughts that have a strong negative charge, and play like a broken record in our mind, that show us where our deepest wounds are.  Make a list of two or three thought patterns with the strongest negative charge, and choose one to work with for the duration of the meditation.

2.  Once you’ve identified a thought pattern with a strong negative emotional charge, begin taking your attention into the center of the unresolved wound in the following way.  While still in meditation, visualize a child version of you standing in front of you, and speaking the negative thought out loud, in this case, “I’m lousy at meditating.”  Keep your attention on this child-self in front of you as you ask yourself, “Why are you saying this to me?”  Hold a sincere intention to understand what your ego (child self) is trying to achieve through this negative statement.  In every instance the voice of the ego is covering up some hurt that happened to you a long time ago.  And in every instance this hurt child within you is asking for love.  You don’t need to wait for a response from the child, or get pulled into memories of traumatic childhood events, merely feel in your heart what it is this child is asking for.  Underneath the statement “you’re no good at meditating,” may be the feeling, “I feel like I’ve tried and failed at so many things that I don’t want to experience going through that hurt again.”  Underneath that feeling might be, “What do I have to do to deserve your love?”  And underneath that, “Will you love me?”

In the moment that you have the understanding of what this child self is seeking, your heart naturally begins to open, and you feel compassion and love for this hurt child in front of you.  (the child-self is always asking for love–but it’s important that you investigate it each time in order to arrive at an authentic place of understanding and compassion.)  It’s not the same to conceptually understand this, you need to actually FEEL this opening in your heart.

3.  This is where the magic happens.  As you sit in meditation with your eyes closed, visualizing this fragmented child-self in front of you asking for love, and your heart begins to melt because you remember how much hurt you felt as a child, and throughout your life, not getting the love you needed, scoop this child into your arms and love him with all your heart.  Feel your heart open up wide sending loving energy to your child-self.  The love that comes need not be forced.  This is most effective when it is the result of an authentic understanding and spontaneous and genuine outpouring of your love.  If you don’t FEEL the love for the child in front of you, then you likely have not fully tuned into what your child self is asking for, and why it is being asked.  Once you genuinely feel your heart opening, this love will flow, and all you have to do is allow it.  What you may feel is a mixture of sadness and compassion.  Stay present with whatever it is you are feeling.  If tears start to come, let them flow, and feel the love for yourself that you were/are asking for.

This is energy healing.  This is a method for directing our loving energy inwards and healing our own energy system.  The emotional body holds negative emotional charges from our life experiences, which manifest as negative thought patterns in our minds.  The negative thoughts of the ego act as a sign post, showing us that we still have unresolved negative emotional blockages.  When we see clearly the emotional wounds in ourself and offer ourself love, this energy of love flows out from within the Heart chakra, harmonizing the lower frequencies of negative emotional energy associated with the emotional wound.

It can be helpful to understand that emotional energy exists as actual frequencies of vibrating energy (much like sound or light waves).  The energy of Love is the strongest frequency of all the emotions and has the ability to harmonize all other emotional frequencies back to a state of Love.  When we channel Love from our Hearts into our emotional field, all other frequencies of emotional energy become synched up to this higher vibration.  As we do this we change the frequency of energy in the cells of our body, and the energy field around the body.  We may need to repeat this process again and again until the emotional field will be fully healed and love is allowed to flow more freely.  This is the science of energy healing and we can each learn the process.  What is necessary is to authentically allow the love to flow.  We know the process is working when we actually FEEL the Love inside the body.

The highest healing energy is love, and it is our birthright to live happy, healthy lives!  Blessings and good health.  I am a holistic counselor offering holistic counseling through online counseling and phone counseling.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------