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Module 4–Energy Practices

The following section focuses on deepening self-awareness and initiating healing through certain energetic techniques and practices.  As we increase self-awareness, we naturally expand our energy systems, adopting more expansive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are more in alignment with our Heart and Soul. It can be useful, then, to begin exploring new practices and concepts that allow you to feel more in alignment with the deepest parts of yourself. Learning to view and interact with your reality in a more expansive way can allow you to move through limitation more efficiently, dissolve old mental and emotional patterns, and consequently becoming healthier and happier. 

The paradox is that during the process of awakening and letting go of our attachment to compulsive thinking, we are still using thoughts in the process. Just holding the concept of the “ego,” for instance, creates a framework for you to deepen your experience of what the ego is, simultaneously creating the opportunity for you to begin transcending the ego. Thoughts and concepts can be a doorway into greater states of consciousness when used in this way. By holding a more expansive concept about reality, you are creating a container for yourself to begin having a richer, more expansive experience of life. When the fullness of that experience has reached its limit, then it is time to release that particular conceptual framework and move on. You may find that you revisit different practices or conceptual frameworks again and again as you progress along the path. And each time that you do, you will undoubtedly uncover deeper layers to the experience of yourself and life.

So be discerning when reading the following section, noticing how these concepts feel to you as you read them. Does it feel expansive or does it feel limiting? Does it feel inspiring or does it feel overwhelming? Only try on the concepts that feel right for you. Only adopt the practices that feel right for you. When we try to follow something or do something because we believe that we “should,” or we think it will get us where we want to go, we are often not listening to our intuition, but rather, motivated by anxiety or fear “If I want to become enlightened, I better meditate everyday for the rest of my life!” Yikes, that sounds intense and intimidating. Yes, many of these practices will undoubtedly increase the quality of your life and increase self-awareness. And while spiritual practices often require discipline, commitment, and courage, they are also fun, exciting, and incredibly empowering. When you approach “self expansion” from a place of curiosity and excitement, there is no need to feel any “shoulds” about it. Your intuition is your best guide, listen closely, and it will always take you in the right direction.

Conversely, notice too, how the mind is often reactive against that which is unfamiliar or unknown. And sometimes even when we believe we are following our intuition and what feels “right,” we are actually reacting from unconscious judgments in the mind. As you read the following section of this book, be aware of any prejudices or judgments that may arise within your mind, and ask yourself if they are really true. How do you know? Oftentimes we don’t really know about something until we research it for ourselves, or at least give it a try. So it can be very useful to try something new at least once in order to gain first-hand experience. If you feel hesitation or fear, try researching the topic to find out more information. Use a balanced approach of looking at it from different perspectives. Your mind is a powerful tool that can be used to empower your experience, and is best used in balance with your intuition. I’ll begin with the most widely known energy healing practices, and then progress into the lesser-known spiritual healing techniques

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------