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Mindful Awareness

         Being mindful throughout your day means staying aware of the thoughts, emotions, and actions that you are creating in your life moment to moment. When a negative thought arises, come back to the breath and let it go. When a negative emotion arises, come back to your breath and relax your body. Staying in this continual state of presence will change your life.

Being mindful will allow you to see the higher perspective, dissolving your attachment to many aspects of life that don’t actually serve your growth and happiness. What could be more important than living in peace? Most people are so consumed with the outer world, searching and seeking for something that they believe will make them happy (or at least remove their anxiety) that they fail to recognize the peace that exists in the present moment. Peace is happiness, happiness is energy, and energy is love. Love is all that is. And this love and peace is available to you in every moment, as soon as you drop the need to get somewhere else, and instead, choose to come back to the present moment, to what is right here and now. This spiritual practice of meditation will increase your inner peace and spiritual awakening


Another helpful technique in understanding how your mind works, as well as learning to have greater mental mastery, is a practice called retracing. This technique is especially useful for dissolving patterns of reoccurring thoughts of a negative nature that may play like a broken record in your mind. Many of clients I have spoken with express frustration with reoccurring thoughts of this nature, feeling unable to simply drop the thought using the practice of mindful awareness. For these types of stubborn thought patterns, retracing can be very effective. As soon as notice you are unable to let go of the thought, begin tracing it back to the original thought. Retrace each thought, noticing how your mind has made certain mental connections that lead you to your current negative state of mind.

An example might be reoccurring negative thoughts about an ex romantic partner. You might have thoughts that this person treated you poorly, making negative judgments of their character. As soon as you catch yourself in this pattern of negativity, you would then recall the thought that directly preceded the judgment of your ex partner. You may have been thinking about the relationship, and where it went wrong. Continue retracing your thoughts and you may see that you were thinking about the direction of your life and how you felt derailed by the relationship. Before that you may have simply been walking down the street and observed a happy person. In reaction to the happy person, you might have created the thought, “my life is not so great.”

It is really amazing to witness in yourself how one negative thought, when created unconsciously, can lead to a downward spiral of negativity. By retracing your thoughts, you can begin to see how the mind works, and take back conscious control of your thought process. This process is akin to taking a broom and dustpan to your mind, cleaning up all junky thoughts that are draining your energy. Over time an amazing thing happens. You catch yourself at the original thought before it escalates any further. It is really a glorious moment to see the seed thought, smile, and decide not to water that one—because you know exactly how it will grow.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------