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Step 5–Detoxification

In order for the body to regain homeostasis, good health, and the ability to properly absorb nutrients, it is essential to do regular and thorough detoxification processes.  Depending on your environment, lifestyle, and history, the depth to which you will need to detox will vary.  It is safe to say that most people have an excess of toxins in the body, and could greatly benefit from the detoxification processes in this module.  Below is an outline of what will be accomplished in this step of the healing journey.  Each of these items will be covered more thoroughly in each step, as well as detailed instructions for the correct order of operations.

It is essential to detoxify in the proper order.  This is a very commonly overlooked factor that can mean the difference between a successful detox and further auto-intoxication (the process that occurs when the body reabsorbs toxins expelled through an improperly performed detox).  The order of operations for detoxifying is: 1) Healing Leaky Gut, 2) detox basics, 3) intestinal cleanse, 4) liver and gallbladder flush, 5) deep tissue cleanse, and finally 6) parasite and candida cleanse


Detoxification Basics

-This is the first step in detox, which prepares the body for more in-depth cleansing processes.  These practices penetrate and draw out toxins from the subcutaneous fat layers beneath the skin, as well as prepare the intestines for the Colon cleanse.  This level involves the following processes: saunas, epsom salt soaks, deep breathing exercises, proper hydration, skin brushing, and bentonite clay.

Intestinal Cleanse

Once leaky gut is on the mend and the detoxification basics have been implemented, it is time to clear the intestines for further detox.  It is important to clear the intestines before doing any deeper levels of detox for the reason that if a gut is compacted with mucoidal plaque, there is less peristalsis (the rhythmic contraction of muscles surrounding the intestinal lining which helps transport waste out of the body) and the body is more likely to reabsorb toxins as they pass through the intestines.  The intestinal cleanse consists of specific herbs, clays, and juice fasting to clear the intestines of built-up debris.

Liver Flush

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body responsible for filtering and purifying the blood.  In order to help the body eliminate toxins the liver and gallbladder must be cleansed free from built-up bile.  Again, this step should only be done following an intestinal cleanse, so as toxins expelled from the liver do not get reabsorbed by the intestines.  This process consists of a day of juice fasting, enemas, and a liver cleansing elixir to help eliminate gallstones.  You will need two full days for this process.  Depending on the toxicity of your liver and how many gallstones are expelled, you may need to repeat the liver flush over the course of a few months, in order to fully evacuate toxins from the liver.

Deep Tissue Cleanse

Once the liver has been flushed, it is safe to begin evacuating toxins at a deeper level.  Pesticide residue, heavy metals, and other chemicals become stored in the fatty tissue of the body.  This is an ingenious mechanism of the body to keep these substances from causing additional harm.  Though they are stored in the body’s fat reserves for safe keeping, they also continue to do damage in the form of disrupting hormonal production and distribution, interfering with nervous system functioning, causing inflammation, and feeding candida and parasites.  The deep tissue cleanse occurs over the period of a month and involves specific herbs and supplements to chelate these toxins from the body.

Parasite Cleanse

This is the most intense cleanse and should only be performed once every other aspect of the detox has been accomplished.  The reason is that parasites do not like to give up their home so easily, and if you try to do it too early (when the body is still relatively toxic and acidic) they can put up quite a fight.  The previous detox and cleansing steps will have weakened the parasite’s defenses, as well as improved the overall health of your body, allowing you to get rid of them much more easily.  Parasites like toxic, acidic, and stressed out environments, so when you change your inner environment first to reduce acidity and toxicity, there is much less of a chance of them coming back in the future.  This process takes about one month and can be repeated many times throughout the year, depending on your diet.  You may choose to do a parasite cleanse if you know that you have eaten some food that likely had parasites.



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