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Module 3–Emotional Healing

You have the power and the ability to heal yourself. Your intuition and the wisdom in your body are constantly moving you in the direction of health, vitality, and wellness.

What prevents this wisdom from naturally healing and balancing a person’s energy system are the thoughts in the mind stemming from the ego, which are constantly distorting reality. The compulsive voice in the mind often takes the form of fearful and negative thinking, or in many cases, simply as the background buzz of anxiety and dread. It is this fear that is the foundation of all dis-ease, and prevents us from feeling our true nature, and our natural connection to all of life around us.

         To begin healing is to begin dissolving the ego—all of the fearful and negative mental and emotional patterns that restrict your energy flow. Thoroughly read and reread the chapter in this book entitled, “The Foundation For Awakening.” As you read this chapter, really let the information sink in, applying the concepts about the ego to your own experience. Begin to see your own ego and all of the ways in which it is influencing your life. Just bringing awareness to your ego will begin to dissolve its hold over you. The ego is not personal, but rather a universal experience that we are each learning to transcend in our own time.

         As you begin to dissolve your ego more fully, it creates space in your life for your energy and vitality to return. The heaviness and weight of life starts to lift, and your mind, emotions, and body will reflect this over time through increased health and happiness.

As the ego becomes dissolved, you will also have the opportunity to change many aspects of your life. How you perceive life will begin to shift, how you prioritize your goals, how you move your body, how you speak, and the actions you take will all change for the better. You will continually feel more “yourself,”—more loving, more open, more compassionate, more accepting, and more peaceful. Being yourself, simply by dropping the false self (the ego), begins healing the mind, emotions, and body naturally.

However, along this path of letting go of the ego, learning new dietary and lifestyle practices can allow you to integrate into your life more healthy and natural ways of living. Using energy healing practices will reinforce the awakening and healing taking place within you, empowering you and bringing you into greater states of health. Your natural state is that of peace, joy, vitality, and expansion. Return to this natural state by unraveling all of the conditioning that you have learned throughout your life, and recreate yourself in every moment from a place of conscious awareness and choice.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------