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The Body and Nutrition

    Our bodies are delicate ecosystems requiring attention and care.  When we take the time to tune into what are bodies are telling us, investigating what works and what doesn’t work, we empower ourselves and gain self knowledge.  The ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine provide us with maps of the human energy system, showing us how to maintain our health and energy naturally through diet and proper lifestyle.  Using the fundamentals from these systems, I help guide clients towards a harmonious diet and lifestyle that works for them.

      The quality of many people’s lives can be greatly  improved simply by maintaining better digestive health.  According to Chinese medicine, almost all disease (including mental and emotional imbalances) begins through the degradation of the digestive tract.  When the digestive tract is not healthy, it creates gaps within our intestinal wall, allowing toxins and other non-digested substances into our body.  Over time this begins to adversely effect other systems within the body, causing disease, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.  In addition, approximately 80% of the human body’s total serotonin production actually occurs in the  cells of the intestines.  This means that when our digestive tract is unhealthy it effects the chemistry within our brain, effecting our mood, physical health, and mental wellbeing.


Types of food consumed, quantity, and variety of foods all play a part in a person’s day to day emotional and mental state.  When we nourish ourselves in alignment with our personal constitutions, we find greater peace and control over our emotions and mind.

Stimulants and Intoxicants:  

Substances such as sugar, caffeine, and alcohol are popular means for changing our energetic state.  These artificial forms of energy take a toll over time, creating imbalance in a person’s energetic system.    When we think of the longterm health and energy of our body, finding energetic balance by eating right, and creating a harmonious lifestyle makes much more sense than the  fleeting effects that substances like coffee and sugar provide.

Environmental Toxins:

Many people’s bodies have varying amounts of toxic build up.  These chemicals effect the functioning of the brain, the regulation of hormones, and can cause fluctuations in emotional and mental states.  Creating a lifestyle that limits the amount of toxic exposure is important for holistic health, as are regular cleanses of the colon, liver, and kidneys.

Parasites and Allergens:

When our digestive tracts are out of balance due to improper nutrition, we create an environment for parasites and other pathogens.  The effects of these foreign visitors can change our mood, even effecting our personalities.

Candida: Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body due to an over ingestion of sugar and simple carbohydrates (ccurring in an estimated 75% of the population).  The symptoms of Candida can be anxiety, restlessness, depression and fatigue!  There are many people who may be experiencing these symptoms, yet unaware of the cause.  So an issue that, on the surface, may seem related to emotional and psychological factors, might in fact be remedied by simply changing one’s diet and lifestyle.

Gluten intolerance:  There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that symptoms such as depression, fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, poor concentration, and poor memory  (to name a few) may be attributed to gluten intolerance.  Evidence also suggests that because gluten is one of the few substances containing chemicals that cross the blood brain barrier, that it can have an effect on the brain similar to that of an opiate, creating an addictive response in the brain when foods containing gluten are consumed.  It is very important on the path to healing to honestly examine one’s lifestyle and diet to determine what changes might be made to create greater balance.


Finding Balance and Harmony in the Body:

1. Nutrition and Diet — The foods you put into your body directly effect almost every aspect of your health.  Taking the time to understand and eliminate the foods that cause inflammation and nutritional deficiencies is key in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  

2. Exercise.  Daily exercise is important for keeping the body in balance.  It is recommended that at least 20 minutes of exercise involve some form of cardiovascular work-out.  Yoga and qi gong are also really wonderful options for keeping the body in alignment.

3. Meditation and Stillness.  In our culture we are accustomed to overworking ourselves and pushing our bodies in unnatural ways.  It is beneficial to allow yourself time to be still during your day.  20 minutes of meditation a day can create really positive changes in your health.  Studies show that even moderate amounts of daily mediation relieves stress and tension, and creates greater physical health.

4.  Periodic cleanses.  Our bodies accumulate toxins over time from the environment around us, often times storing these impurities in the organs and tissue of the body.  It can be very beneficial to periodically cleanse the body with a liver flush, parasite flush, and bowel cleanse.  This keeps the body functioning in a healthy and harmonious way.

5.    Dental Cleanup – dental work may be one cofactor of disease.  If you have nickel, silver, or mercury in your fillings, you may be experiencing immune reactions to those elements in your body.  Use your intuition to decide whether this is worth investigating and talk to your dentist about your options for replacing them with less toxic materials.

Additional Thoughts on Diet

Whether or not food is fresh, has been cooked, or has added chemicals and preservatives, all affect the vibration and amount of life energy in the food.  When we consume food, the vibration of that food affects our vibration, and consequently our state of being.  Sugar, for instance, has a specific high vibrational frequency, and when we consume it in excess, it can change the rate of our thoughts, our emotions, and can disrupt our natural balance.

In order to regain balance we need to begin to tune back into our innate and intuitive sense of nutrition, consuming food that vibrationally supports our natural state of being.  Usually our intuition points the way.  If you really crave avocados, mangoes, or coconuts, for instance, it is probably because the vibration of those foods supports the healthiest version of you .  This can sometimes be confusing, however, when  we have addictive eating habits, such as with sugar, starchy foods, alcohol, salty and greasy foods.  It is important to be honest with yourself about why you are craving certain foods.  Are you comforting yourself by eating, or are you feeding your body out of love and respect?

Ask yourself, “what is the simplest, freshest, and healthiest way to feed my body?”   A simple diet of fresh vegetables, nuts, beans, and lentils (or other forms of protein) is a great start.  If we eat simply and in alignment with what our body is asking for, health begins to return naturally.

For those suffering from Ulcerative Colitis or other digestive diseases, it is important to take great care when modifying your diet, and to make changes slowly, at a pace that is natural for you.  Diet is only one factor for any physical disease.  The emotional and mental aspects also play a role.  I offer spiritual counseling for those who seek guidance with this process.  


The information within this web site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.  Do not cease regular medication without your doctor’s consent. This website does not intend to provide any medical advice and should not be considered as medical advice. This information is not meant to recommend any particular treatment for specific individuals, and in all cases recommends that you consult your physician before pursuing any course of treatment.

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