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Heal Your Self

Each one of us has the power to heal ourselves.  

Though it may not seem like it, imbalance and illness can actually be a blessing in disguise, for it is through our suffering that we begin searching for greater meaning in our lives, re-awakening to our true nature and our immense creative potential.

It is no accident when we experience imbalance and illness in our lives.  It is a wake up call from our Higher Selves, letting us know that it is now time to make some changes in our life and become more aware of deeper aspects within.  As we move through our own healing, we begin to understand these gifts better, having gratitude for the lessons learned.

The path to self healing is that of tuning more fully into the voice of our intuition.  Your heart, your Higher Self, and every fiber of your being knows the way back to complete health when you allow it.  There is a stream of wellbeing flowing within each one of us that exists as our natural state.   What stands in the way of this energy are many of the conditioned beliefs we hold about who we are supposed to be, and how we are supposed to view the world and the experiences of our lives.

My role is to guide clients back towards their intuition, helping them to understand themselves better, and helping to bring awareness to why imbalance has manifested, and what the Heart desires to know through this process.   

Part of my holistic counseling service is to teach clients specific tools for self healing.  These tools include guided visualizations, meditation, mindful awareness practices, and breath work.  Paradoxically, the process of self healing is something that we can learn from others.  And yet, the more responsibility we take for our own self healing the quicker this process will go.  It is a gentle process of allowing oneself to honestly look at one’s thoughts, emotional patterns, and behaviors, bringing greater understanding to how and why the imbalance has manifested.

It can be very inspiring to recognize, however, that as you move through your own self healing, you will likely become a  light for others who are challenged with illness and dis-ease.  You may even become a holistic therapist, holistic counselor, or healer, finding great meaning in your life from uplifting and helping others.  :)  You will find your own style of bringing healing energy to people, and it may not be a type of therapy or counseling service.  The beauty is that we each get to discover the path as part of our unfolding journey.

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