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The Emotions

“If emotions are expressed but not observed or witnessed, they tend to repeat themselves”  –Eckhart Tolle    

      Many of us have learned to repress painful emotions throughout our lives.  This emotional energy often becomes stored in the cellular memory of our bodies.  Through the process of therapy we can begin allowing this repressed emotion to surface and be expressed, consciously observing and witnessing the release.  As we do, this stored emotional information begins to dissolve and be released from the body.  We then have the conscious choice to change our patterns of emotional reaction that have kept us replaying the same experiences again and again.  Through this process we begin to feel a stillness that exists within, and find a freedom from our emotional suffering and turmoil.  

      There are many techniques for accessing repressed emotion that go beyond talk therapy, including movement, sound, and art therapy.  Other techniques involve physical cleanses and dietary changes.  By changing how we eat, as well as periodic fasting and cleanses, we can begin to flush out the emotional energy that is being held within the body.   It is not uncommon when doing a fast or a cleanse to experience a deep emotional release as well.  I offer guidance and assistance for these kinds of cleansing processes.  

Emotional Inventory

      By investigating the values and beliefs of our families and the culture around us, we can begin to see how our emotions often reflect the patterns of those with whom we have spent the most time with.  This can help us to release our attachment to habitual emotions, allowing us to see how our emotional reactions are a learned behavior like anything else.  The more awareness we bring to our learned emotional reactions, the more power we have to consciously create emotions that uplift us and bring more joy into our lives.

Emotion as Energy

      All emotion exists as an energy within the body that can be transformed and changed through proper understanding and practice.  As we gain greater understanding about how to consciously use our thoughts, we also gain greater control over our emotional responses as well.  The process of investigating our emotional reactions can tell us valuable information regarding what belief systems we’re holding onto that keep us stuck in habitual emotional responses, as well as unresolved pain from our past.


How Emotional Energy Moves

      The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda identifies 7 emotional energetic centers within the body called chakras, each one relating to particular emotional experiences.  Often times a physical disease or discomfort reflects an emotional blockage in a specific Chakra relating to that part of the body.  It is your own personal experience through meditation and deepening self awareness that will teach you about the energy within your chakras.

The first chakra flows emotional energy related to physical survival, the power to achieve, material gain and manifestation.  It represents our connection to the earth and the material world. It represents stability,  and is located around the area near the base of the spine.  

The second chakra flows energy related to sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, creativity and excitement.  This is the origin of much or our creative life energy, and is located at the sacral plexus.

The third chakra is our personal power center.  It is located within the area of the solar plexus, and is the source of feelings and emotions relating to our personal identity. It relates to our sense of power and influence, internal strength, intuition, “gut feelings”, will power, and self esteem.

The fourth chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is located around the area of the physical heart.  The energy that flows from this Chakra is that of love, compassion, sharing, selflessness, devotion and healing, self esteem, self love and love of others.  The Heart Chakra has the ability to transform all lesser emotions back into the energy of love.  There are energy healing techniques that focus on the Heart as part of an alternative healing therapy.

The fifth chakra, located around the area of the throat, is our communication center and channels energy related to communication, creative expression, self expression, openness, independence, and inspiration.  This chakra relates to finding and speaking our personal truth, feeling courage, and finding balance.

The sixth chakra, also known as the third eye, is located around the area between the eyes on the forehead.  The third eye chakra channels energy related to our intuition, inner senses, “sixth sense,” universal knowledge, greater perception, and self-mastery.

The seventh chakra, or the crown chakra, channels spiritual energy into us, and is related to our spiritual development and spiritual growth. It is our link to universal consciousness and greater spiritual connection. It is located at the top of the head.  Many a healer focus on the seventh Chakra to bring about a spiritual awakening


There are many healers,  and holistic counseling services that focus on the Chakras, and though this may be interesting, ultimately it does not help you gain greater self awareness through direct experience.  My form of holistic therapy guides a client to connect to their intuition, bringing about a natural healing, or self healing 

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