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The Gratitude Song

     This is a powerful exercise using the energy of gratitude, your imagination, and your own voice.  Read all of the instructions below before beginning.

     Once you press play on the video below, begin singing along to the song.  As you sing, keep your eyes closed, place your hands over your heart, and allow the images of the people, places, and experiences that you are grateful for to move through your mind one at a time for each verse of the song.  It is important to keep singing and visualizing for the full 10 minutes, as something magical and unexpected happens after about 7 minutes.  

    As each image arises in your mind, sing “thank you,” and really feel the gratitude within you for the presence of each person, place, or experience in your life.  Imagine yourself hugging the person as you sing thank you, or you can imagine seeing their bright smiling face as you smile back at them.  You can also sing thank you to the earth, the animals, the sun, the trees, the plants, and your own body for always being there for you.  Scan each part of your body, starting with your toes, singing “thank you” to each part of your body.  Let yourself feel deeply grateful for each image that comes to you while singing for the full 10 minutes.  This may seem very repetitive, but that is the point–you are using the vibration of the words, Thank You, which when repeated, create a very positive shift within you.  

     The words “Thank You” are some of the most powerful words that we can speak.  They immediately conjure up the feelings of gratitude and appreciation.  The vibration of our words are very powerful, and just by singing this meditation for 10 minutes, you can shift your energy and perspective on life into a very positive place. This can be considered an “ecstatic” practice, in that you are connecting directly to a high vibration through repetitive sounds.  It may not make sense to your mind, but after 10 minutes of repeating this high vibrational phrase, “thank you,” you will feel joyful, alive, and a buzzing vibration of vitality in your body. This song may also bring up various emotions, tears, or laughter, all of which are good things to express!  If your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your heart and to the energy and images that are within your Heart.  Try practicing this gratitude exercise everyday for a week and see how it transforms your life in subtle yet powerful ways.
Bless you and Thank you! 



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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------