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Uncovering Your Soul’s Purpose

          There is loving energy flowing from within your Heart in every moment. This energy holds the key to your soul’s journey and purpose within this lifetime. You can practice receiving this information directly, simply by holding your attention on the center of your Heart for periods of time throughout your day. When we take the time to really feel what is in the Heart, then we are aligning ourselves with our Soul’s unique path for this lifetime.         

Each one of us has a unique purpose for our lives. This soul “blueprint” is created by our Higher Selves, and is designed to draw us towards certain people, situations, and life experiences where we will have the opportunity to expand ourselves and bring more of our unique loving energy into this physical world. And as we uncover our soul’s path by honoring what is within our Heart, we feel most alive, connected, and deeply in the creative flow of life.

   The first process to uncovering your Soul’s purpose is to begin dissolving the ego, which allows for a clearing away of the old patterns of fear, limitation, and imbalance (as discussed in the previous sections). This creates space for more of your essential self to emerge. As a person moves through this clearing away process, learning to feel the peace and love within, they enter into the next phase of learning; how to consciously create one’s life with love, and from the desires of the Heart. And as you move into a more deeply satisfying and authentic way of living, more love and creative energy naturally flows into your life. It is a wonderful upward flowing spiral that becomes more and more exciting as one progresses along their journey.

The Power of Letting Go

How does this look? It takes the form of letting go in many areas of your life, while moving in the direction of joy, inspiration, and excitement. Where you used to feel strong attachment to relationships, work or living situations, mental concepts about yourself, and material possessions, in order to provide yourself with a sense of safety and self-identity, you are now willing to let go of that which no longer serves your growth. You become willing to let go of relationships that are not uplifting, let go of work experiences that no longer nourish you, or lifestyles that no longer inspire you, and instead, investigate how your unique vision can be allowed to unfold in your life. You begin to live more fluidly, unafraid of change, and instead, excited by the myriad of possibility. You may find yourself trying new things, being drawn in new directions, and living life in a new way.

This is not a process that involves thinking about a solution to the question, “how can I manifest my heart’s desires?” Thinking cannot connect you with the energy that is in your Heart. You must literally feel it. In order to do this you must learn to quiet your mind through meditation, and then actually take your attention to your Heart center. While you may need to use your mind to research and learn about different ways of living, different ways to spend your time, or different ways to nourish your body, these discoveries happen in the right time as you follow your intuition and feelings about what is right for you in each and every moment. It is through staying present in the Heart that we have access to our intuition and the higher guidance from within.

Meditation On the Spiritual Heart

You can practice the Spiritual Heart meditation at the same time as you read this. Sit with your spine straight in a comfortable position, allowing your breath to become relaxed and peaceful. As you breathe allow any tension in your body to be released. Just focus on being present and relaxed, feeling the flow of breath in and out of your lungs….when you feel ready, bring your attention to your Spiritual Heart, which is located slightly to the right of your physical heart, in the center of your energy field. The Spiritual Heart is literally the center of You. Take your attention to your center and just notice how it feels. You may find yourself distracted at first, so continue bringing your attention back to your Spiritual Heart whenever a thought arises.

As you keep your attention in the center of your chest, notice for any feelings of vibration, tingling, or energy in this part of your body. You may notice this energy pulsating, gently swirling, or just vibrating. You also may feel a heaviness, tightness, or the feeling of stuck energy around your Heart. No matter what you feel, just continue to keep your attention in your center. It is all perfect just as it is. You can practice this meditation as you go about your daily activities, when interacting with others, while working, and while playing. Whatever you are doing, see if you can keep some portion of your attention on your Spiritual Heart.

This is a simple technique, and yet it is one of the most direct methods for uncovering the truth of who you are beyond the ego. This simple practice can transform your life. You may notice that the way you move your body begins to change, the way you speak, express yourself, and behave, all begins to feel more natural, more effortless, and more like You! When you make the focus of your life your Heart, you are allowing more love to flow into your daily experiences and your life.

The Power of Intuition

By keeping your attention on your Heart, you also begin strengthening your relationship with your feelings and intuition. Our feelings are like a divine compass, pointing us in the direction of our most authentic expression, and the desire’s of the Soul. Following our feelings guides us towards the people, places, and the kinds of life experiences that will allow us to grow and expand. You can practice tuning into your feelings anytime by dropping thoughts and returning your attention to your Heart. Anytime any confusion arises regarding all of the different options about how you could spend your time, or the different directions you could take in life, simply pause and come back to the Heart. From this place of conscious awareness, hold each thought about how you might spend your time, and ask yourself, “does this activity or experience honor my soul’s purpose and my Heart’s desire?”

If the answer is no, then allow yourself to return to stillness and wait for inspiration to come to you. When another thought arises, repeat the process. Over time, the thoughts telling you how you “should” spend your time will start to dissolve, and will be replaced with a knowingness and clarity about the kinds of activities to engage in that will support you along your Soul’s path. This knowingness often comes in the form of bodily sensations, whereas you just begin to move in a certain direction, following the intuition that is felt in your body. However, I have also found that intuition comes in the form of thoughts as well, and you can tell whether or not to empower a thought with more of your energy based on how strongly you feel inspired, joyful, and excited by the idea. When a thought comes to you that does feel exciting, and is in alignment with your Heart’s desires, then allow yourself to take action. If the thought doesn’t feel inspiring, return to stillness and continue being present.

If you find yourself confused over the different options in your life, hold the two experiences in your mind, and wait for the feeling to arise within you that pulls you towards one over the other. Do not begin analyzing the two options, but rather, hold each option in your awareness and wait for the pull of that which is stronger. You may be surprised to find that what you actually feel more inspired by goes against all logic and reason, but that is no matter. What matters is that you are excited about your life and how you are living it. Inspiration, excitement, and enthusiasm are a good guide towards what feels better for you, and what your Heart is desiring to experience.  Engaging in this spiritual practice will speed up your growth and healing.

While practicing this technique of paying attention to your heart, give yourself permission to shake things up in your life. Do not fret or worry about letting other people down, changing your direction or goals in life, or that you won’t find something “better” than your current situation—all common fears that can arise as one begins listening more fully to the inner voice of the Heart. If you hold onto the things of your life out of fear, you will likely continue to experience more of this limitation in your life. Take a step into the unknown and see what happens. Find out more about yourself by having new experiences, exploring different ways of living your life, and more expansive ways of perceiving situations and yourself.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------