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We Are the Creators

We are the creators of our lives, and collectively, we create the humanholistic counseling, holistic therapy, self healing, natural healing experience.  It is through the process of where we place our attention that allows us to create the experiences that we do.  By cultivating greater awareness and focus, we can exercise greater control over our life experiences, allowing for greater freedom, joy, and happiness.

As we begin to awaken to our true nature, we begin to realize that life is  more magical and beautiful than we previously believed.  We are so much more than the limited expressions of mind, emotions, and body.  We are the consciousness that brought this experience into being.  And we are here to grow and expand, expressing our happiness, joy, and love.  We are here to share our gifts with one another, to offer our happiness to the world.

We create our experience with the thoughts we think, with the emotions that move through us, and with the actions that we take–yet none of these aspects fully represents who we are.  When our identity is tied up with these temporary expressions of Self,  it can be a pretty rough ride.  Meaning, that when we mistake who we truly are with what we think, feel, and do, we get pretty nervous that we’re gonna screw up our lives by not doing the right thing.

As we begin to dis-identify with these temporary experiences of thoughts, feelings, and actions, and start tuning into our ever present awareness, we realize that even though our thoughts, emotions and behaviors can change, the consciousness that we are remains the same.  Having this awareness can set you free!  It is like becoming aware that you are the puppet master moving the strings, no longer thinking yourself as just the puppet.

Through my healing from Ulcerative colitis, and understanding the laws of energy through direct experience, I have begun to awaken to my true nature–as an aspect of the Divine consciousness that we are all a part of.  During my self healing I underwent holistic therapy, and now provide holistic counseling services to others who are healing and waking up.  All dis-ease causes the human costume to start showing cracks.  Suffering causes one to look beyond that which is temporary, that which is false, seeking to know the unchanging aspects of reality, seeking to know the truth of who we are and what life is.

There are so many tools in the tool box for spiritual awakening.  We can use visualization to awaken to our true selves, we can make a practice of meditation and mindful awareness, we can connect through breath work, we can consciously create thoughts and emotions, all allowing ourselves to heighten our awareness of Self.  We can begin to see how natural healing is when we allow ourselves to be ourselves.  Understanding the mind, body, and emotions creates more than balanced holistic health, it is the pathway of spiritual growth.

Counseling, therapy, and healings do not move you closer to yourself if you are looking outside yourself for answers.  You are the creator uncovering your own creative power!  You are the healer.  You are your own holistic therapist, your own holistic counselor.  I am also a holistic counselor, it’s true, and I help guide along this process, because i’m familiar with the terrain! :)  We learn together, we progress together.  We are all the teachers and we are all students.  We are all engaged in some aspect of our own healing and growth. We are all seeking something greater.  What we sometimes forget is that we are seeking ourselves.  We are seeking a healing from the feeling of separateness between ourselves and all of life around us.


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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------