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Holistic Counseling


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Support and Guidance For Creating a Life of Greater Joy, Happiness, and Peace 

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Holistic Counseling & Spiritual Counseling for: Depression, anxiety, grief and trauma, addiction, emotional blockages, spiritual crisis, finding greater life purpose, dissolving limiting beliefs and stuck emotional patterns, healing from physical disease through diet, therapeutic fasting, and detoxification programs.  Healing the mind/body connection, increased energy, clarity, and health.



        Holistic and Spiritual Counseling is a gentle process of deepening self awareness, healing emotional wounds, and uncovering greater self acceptance and love.  My approach is based on the spiritual principles of Eckhart Tolle, whose teachings have helped countless people around the world, and have effectively created lasting positive change in many people’s lives.  I offer numerous techniques for healing past emotional wounds, dissolving unhealthy mental and emotional patterns, and for creating a heart centered life.

      Counseling sessions encompass a wide range of services, depending on the needs of the client, and a session may include any of the following; traditional talk therapy, guided meditations and visualizations, nutritional coaching, and spiritual guidance.  By clearing away unhealthy mental and emotional patterns, you can heal the root cause of suffering and disease, and begin creating a life of greater happiness and peace  

        The mind, body, and emotions are profoundly connected, and healing often occurs in each of these areas simultaneously when we have the intention to heal and bring ourselves into greater states of health and happiness.  When a person lets go of repressed emotional pain, for instance, it is not uncommon to experience healing from a physical disease that had previously seemed incurable.  I experienced this firsthand through  my own healing from emotional trauma and a physical disease I was challenged with for eight years.  Conversely, when a person begins detoxifying and healing the body, it can often trigger a release of repressed emotions, and a consequent positive shift in the person’s perceptions of themselves and life.  I discovered these tools of working with the mind, emotions, and body through my own healing journey, and have since shared this process in my book, Healing through Awakening. 



DSC_0423I offer counseling services over the phone and through skype.  Counseling services are $60 for the initial 60 minute session.  A sliding scale is available for ongoing sessions, and for those experiencing financial hardship.

Email:  Phone:  (415) 676-9591


By deepening self-awareness you can reclaim your creative energy, and experience more peace and happiness in your life.  



Healing Articles Through

I am the lead writer for the health and healing category for  and provide numerous articles on healing the mind, emotions, and body.  I write on a variety of topics including nutritional guidance, healthy lifestyle practices, detoxification processes, and supplement reviews.  You can read some of my articles at the following link.  If you have any questions about any articles, please leave a comment and I will be sure to answer in a timely manner.  Healing

The Process of Healing

There is a deeper flow to life than what most people experience on the surface of their lives.  Our souls exist beyond our bodies, beyond our minds, and beyond our emotions.  We are the consciousness that energizes these aspects of the human experience, and yet they do not define who we are.  When your identity is tied up with what you think, feel, and your physical body, then you often feel a sense of limitation, doubt, anxiety, depression, and confusion.  Yet you do not need anyone else to heal you or to set you free.  All that is required is for you to become aware of, and to dissolve, these conditioned patterns of identifying with your mind, emotions, and body, allowing yourself to connect to your essence identity–the you that exists beyond mind, emotions, and body.  There are numerous techniques and tools that you can employ on your journey back towards wholeness.  As a holistic counselor, I offer guidance for meditation, healing visualizations, mindful awareness practices, breathing techniques, nutritional guidance, using positive affirmation and intention, and various other practices for dissolving limiting and negative patterns.

Holistic Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, and Eckhart Tolle

There are simple principles that can begin to liberate you from negativity, doubt, and suffering.  By understanding how the ego works, you can liberate yourself from limiting thoughts and feelings.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but rather requires time and consistency to unravel much of the fear based conditioning that have caused most people to feel stuck in their lives.  The teachings of Eckhart Tolle are a culmination of what many spiritual teachers have taught throughout the ages.  By applying these simple principles in your life, you can transform how you experience yourself and life for the better.

Healing Through Nutrition and Detoxification

Living a life of balance and harmony is directly related to the kinds of foods that you consume.  When you eat alive foods with a high amount of Life energy, this energy becomes your own.  When you eat a diet that is filled with processed foods, and foods that are “dead” (meaning that a good amount of time has passed since they were actually growing in the ground), then your body has to work much harder to digest and assimilate the nutrients from these foods.  My book, “Healing through Awakening,” is a comprehensive guide for the process of healing the mind, emotions, and body through right diet, nutrition, and energy practices.  Check out the page on this site by the same name to learn more about how changes in your diet and lifestyle can have a positive effect on other areas of your life!

Healing Energy Practices

As part of my holistic counseling and spiritual counseling practice, I offer guidance on the following processes; meditation, visualization, conscious nutrition, detoxifiation practices, mindful awareness techniques, breathing techniques, fasting, sungazing, mantra, intention setting, earthing, reconnecting with nature, sound healing, and neural reprogramming.  You are the creator of your life, and by tuning into a lifestyle focused more around holistic health and spiritual growth, you can increase the happiness, joy, and peace that you experience in your day to day life.



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