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Holistic and Spiritual Counseling

Follow the river back to the Source within,

back to your Heart 

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Holistic Counseling & Spiritual Counseling for: Depression, anxiety, grief and trauma, addiction, emotional blockages, sexuality and gender issues, spiritual awakening and spiritual crisis, finding greater life purpose, dissolving limiting beliefs and emotional patterns, healing from physical disease through diet, therapeutic fasting, and detoxification programs.  Healing the mind/body connection, greater energy, clarity, health and wellbeing.

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Holistic Counseling & Spiritual Counseling

          Holistic and spiritual counseling is a gentle process of deepening self awareness, healing emotional wounds, and uncovering greater self acceptance and love.  My counseling approach is based on the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, whose teachings have helped countless people around the world, and have effectively created lasting positive change in many people’s lives.  Holistic counseling sessions take the form of traditional talk therapy, guided meditations and visualizations, breathing techniques, and spiritual guidance.  Because the mind, emotions, and body are deeply connected, the process for healing can involve nutritional and lifestyle changes.  Through years of experience and research I have designed a program for healing called, The Holistic Healing Protocol, which outlines specific nutritional guidelines and healing energy practices for bringing the mind, emotions, and body back into balance.

       We all have the ability to heal ourselves–I experienced this firsthand through  my own healing from a disease called ulcerative colitis.  By clearing away unhealthy mental and emotional patterns, you can heal the root cause of disease through a process that involves mental and emotional healing, physical detoxification, and healthy lifestyle changes.  


Mica Akullian Holistic Counseling, Spiritual Counseling

Mica Akullian, Holistic Counselor

By healing your mind, emotions and body, you can reclaim your creative energy, and experience more peace and happiness in your life.  

I offer counseling services over the phone, through skype, as well as in-person from my home in San Francisco, California.

                  All counseling services are $50 an hour.  For the full Holistic Healing Program the cost is $50 (which includes a counseling session)–you can find out more on the Holistic Healing Page of my website.  A sliding scale is available for those experiencing financial hardship.

Email:  Phone:  (415) 676-9591



Healing Articles Through

I am the lead category writer for the health and healing category for  and provide numerous articles on healing the mind, emotions, and body.  I write on a variety of topics including nutritional guidance, healthy lifestyle practices, detoxification processes, and supplement reviews.  You can read some of my articles at the following link.  If you have any questions about any articles, please leave a comment and I will be sure to answer in a timely manner.


The Process of Healing

There has been a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the healing process.  You do not need anyone else to heal you.  When you learn the tools and techniques to heal yourself, you empower yourself with self knowledge, as well as practical information about nutrition, the body, and how subtler spiritual energies flow.  There are countless techniques and tools that you can employ on your journey of healing.  As a holistic counselor, I offer guidance for meditation, healing visualizations, breathing practices, nutritional guidance, using positive affirmation and intention, and various other practices for accessing and healing emotional trauma














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