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Is Whole Foods 365 Brand Really Organic? See how they stack up against other popular organic brands

For dairy products, Whole Foods brand 365 receives a 4 out of 5 rating (not too shabby).  For Whole Foods 365 Brand eggs,  the natural food chain received a very low score of 1 out of 5.  Below are links to other scorecards comparing popular organic brands based on their quality and commitment to organic farming.

The ratings are based on evaluations made by the Cornecopia Institute: a non profit promoting economic justice for organic family farming.  Theses scorecards are  helpful for seeing how many popular brands stack up.  To learn more about C.I. go to

For Dairy

For Eggs

For Cereal

For Tofu and other Soy products

For Organic goods like clothing, baby products and other materials


Eating Organic is very important for our individual health as well as the health of the planet.  I’ve always wondered about the quality of many organic brands, and have found that by doing a bit of research I can have more confidence in the organic food that I buy.  It is good to be aware that many brands spend a lot of money on marketing their product to seem natural and organic, while in actuality they are just an offshoot of one of the big guys.  Try to support local farmers, buying produce that is in season.

Many people believe that through proper nutrition a person can bring about natural healing within themselves, greater holistic health and greater mental health.  Through my own process of healing I realized how much my diet was effecting my physical health.  A diet free of toxins is an important part of maintaining overall holistic health as well.  As a holistic counselor I advise people to investigate their relationship with food and their body, bringing greater awareness to their own power and ability for self healing.  Holistic therapy can help guide a person to greater awareness of the blockages within that are preventing them from healing and living a healthy life.

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