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Eckhart Tolle and Spiritual Counseling

Eckhart Tolle offers some of the most accesible and easy to digest information on spiritual growth and healing.  His teachins are not new, but rather a culmination of many different lineages of spiritual tradition.  The main idea behind the teachings are that the cause of all suffering occurs in the mind.  When you remove the mind, life is simply an experience of sensations, all beautiful in their own way. 

The compulsive need of the mind to judge, categorize, label, and conceptualize, filters direct experience, limiting how you experience life.  The experience of a flower, for instance, is more than the name of the species and genus of the flower, but an experience of beauty and energy that cannot be put into words.  When you look at a flower and “know” that it is a rose, and belongs to a certain genus of plants, does that really help you to know the experience of that form of life?  Becoming so attached to the ideas and concepts in the mind reduces life to a 2 dimensional experience, shutting us off from the feeling of energy flowing through all of life.

In the same way that we conceptualize the outside world, so too, do we view ourselves in this way.  We come to identify ourselves by our name, opinions, judgments, likes and dislikes, personality traits (all of which are largely conditioned by family and culture)  Who are you, then, beyond the conditioning?  Each one of us is a field of awareness, free to experience life in whatever way that we choose.

Eckhart Tolle uses three principles to help awaken you to who you really are.  They are as follows: non attachment, non resistance, and non judgment.  Whenever the mind moves to resist, judge, or create attachment, simply bring your attention back to your breath and the present moment.  In that moment, you connect more fully with who you actually are as awareness, and begin to dissolve the ideas you have about who you are, who you should be, and what you think life is.

The spiritual counseling of eckhart tolle shows us that spiritual growth is not about adding anything to your life, but instead, subtracting all that is false.  Healing depression and healing anxiety are natural occurrences when we learn to let go of the thought patterns that we identify with.  When we extract our identity from the compulsive thoughts in the mind, then we become depressed and anxious.  When we learn to let go and allow what is in the present moment, peace returns naturally.  Energy healing is the process of allowing that natural healing energy within you to flow by removing the mental obstacles.  The conditioned beliefs and emotional patterns that we learn from our families and from society are a very limited expression of the possibility of life.  When we let go of the compulsive thoughts, we experience the present moment in all of its beauty and magic

Healing–Eckhart tolle suggest meditation, breath awareness, and learning mindful awareness practices of watching your thoughts, and instead of reacting to them, coming back to your breath, relaxing your body, and experiencing what is in the present moment.  Holistic counseling, or spiritual counseling, can help guide folks through the process of letting go and ending suffering.  Spirituality and counseling go hand in hand, as we all learn to heal and teach those around us simply by being our natural selves.  I am a holistic counselor, offering holistic coaching through phone counseling and online counseling

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