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What Causes Depression?

Depression can cause anxiety, frustration, feelings of sadness, and hopelessness.  The experience of depression can have a negative effect on personal and work relationships, and put a damper on your enjoyment of life.  There can be many causes for depression, including repressed emotion, situational depression, or depression related to diet and lifestyle.  By investigating each of these areas you can heal depression, and regain the joy in your life. Here are some of the causes of depression:

Repressed Emotional Pain

Depression can be the result of past trauma and pain.  This occurs when we experience painful events that do not get fully processed and integrated in the psyche.  When these painful events do not get dealt with, they can linger in your mind and emotions, hiding in the subconscious mind.  By bringing greater awareness to yourself, your thoughts, emotions, and actions, you can begin uncovering this painful repressed energy from the past.  You can begin this process by writing in a journal, talking with a friend, or speaking with a counselor, to  investigate your past emotional experience.  Healing depression happens naturally as we uncover the emotional pain from the past and let it surface.  As you allow it to come to the surface, you are able to bring greater love into life, and heal these wounds.

Situational Depression

Depression oftentimes results during transitions, the end of relationships, or the loss of a loved one.  This type of depression is natural, and part of the cycles of life.  The severity of the depression, however, is something that you can control and lessen by being aware of how you are responding to the depression.  It is always helpful to write in a journal about what you are feeling, or confide in someone whom you trust, in order to allow yourself time and space to process the life situation. Healing depression that is situational will take time, and is more manageable the more aware you are of the process.

Diet and Lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle can contribute to depression, and can cause a person to feel anxious, agitated, and fatigued.  By removing certain foods that have been linked to creating changes in mood, you can decrease the occurrence of depression.  Sugar, wheat, and dairy, have all been shown to have an opium-like effect in the brain, and actually cause the brain to become addicted to these substances.  You may experience temporary highs from these foods, but the downside is that you can crash just as easily.  In addition, sugar and simple carbohydrates feed candida.  Depression and anxiety can be a symptoms of candida, and by removing these foods, you can reduce your symptoms.  Seeking the help of a naturopath or holistic counselor can aid in healing depression of this nature.
Healing deprssion can happen naturally when you address the root cause of the depression.  I am a holistic therapist, offering spiritual counseling and holistic counseling for those who are looking to deepen self awareness and heal depression in their lives.

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