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What I am happy for Today!! :)

Writing out what you are happy for in your life is a great way to increase positivity, and to practice being a master of your own thoughts and feelings. 

I am happy for the wind, rain, and water, bringing new life to this island of Maui, bringing regeneration, rejuvination, and life to the animals and plants of this land.  I am  grateful for deep breathing, for yoga, for stretching the body and deep breathing.  I am grateful to have focus, commitment, determination, and to be working towards goals in a systematic way.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, to offer holistic therapy to people who are in need of healing.  I am so grateful to offer my services out of peace, joy, excitement, and love.  I am grateful to feel abundant in my life, to feel happy, free, and full of life energy, peace, and good juju.

I am so happy to be alive during this time, to feel my heart, to feel peace within my being, relax my body, and to be accepting of all that is.  I understand that challenges are presented in order to test myself to see if I am living the version of reality that I choose.  I am grateful for challenges, for obstacles, for they provide me with the training ground to become a more conscious creator.  I am grateful for focus, for structure, and to offer myself the opportunity to step more fully into my heart space, into my wholeness, into my feeling of deep connection with life around me.  I am a beacon of light, offering holistic counseling and holistic therapy.  I offer my counseling services with a healing energy, for the natural healing of all beings.  I am grateful for all the animals on this planet, for all the beautiful puppies, kitties, chickens, cows, goats, birds, beautiful insects, amazing sea creatures, including big friendly turtles, bright colored fish, beautiful coral and seaweed.  I am so happy for the generosity of others, for the open and warm hearted individuals who offer their energy in the service for the highest connection.

I am grateful for the teachings of eckhart tolle, for spirituality and counseling.  I am grateful to understand the principles of non attachment, of surrender, of non resistance, of non judgement.  I allow myself to live fully in this moment, to honor my hearts desires.  I see myself counseling other people, offering healing counseling services, and helping others to deepen their self awareness.  I see myself being very abundant, sharing what I know with many people around the world.  I see myself as a loving and kind teacher, humbly offering my energy for the betterment of life on the planet.  I see myself raising a family, sharing love with a wonderful partner, stepping into my creative power as a father and husband.  I see myself selling a lot of beautiful art, and becoming an even more alive and awake painter, tuning into what excites me most about painting.  Using colors and shapes and brushstrokes that bring in more beauty into the world.  I see myself building a house with my partner, creating a beatufiul house from the earth, adding creative touches that inspire and uplift.  I see creating a beautiful garden, and offering holistic counseling to those who come see me in the garden.  I see myself doing work that I love, making plenty of resources and money to support this beautiful vision of growth and expansion.  i see myself becoming strong, balanced, focused, and even more healthy, offering my energy and light to tohers along their journey.  I offer my energy of love, compassion, kindness, and happiness to others while they heal.  I see myself working at a healing center, a place where people can go to heal themselves.  I see myself sinking in deeper, honoring what I know is true in my heart, and not becoming distracted.  I see myself offering spiritual counseling and being a holistic counselor for people.  I am happy to be here.  Eckhart tolle and counseling makes me happy! :)

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------