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Daily Happiness Quota

Yes, today is another wonderful day, another wonderful opportunity to notice all that I am grateful for!! 

I am blessed to be here in this body, for meditation, to feel my breath moving in and out of my body.  i am happy to feel the air on my skin, to nourish my body with delicious food, to have plenty of clean water to drink, to breath the fresh air, to see the beautiful view of the ocean and the mountains.  I am grateful to behealthy, strong, happy, and engaged in life.  I am grateful for puppies, for mahina and kayla, and for all of their puppy antics.  I am grateful for how much energy they have and to be able to play with them at 5 in the morning when the sun is coming up.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor and to help people understand themselves better, to live more fully from the Heart, and to let go of fear and limitation.  I am grateful to eckhart tolle for spirituality and counseling, for all of the wisdom that is passed through all of the masters.

I am grateful to be able to paint, and to see beautiful vibrant and bright colors moving out onto the canvas, bringing more beauty and joy into this world.  I am grateful to trust and honor my sacred Heart, knowing that it is the Heart that brings love into life, that brings magic into the world, that brings hope and inspiration into this experience to touch and uplift others.  I am grateful to be alive, to be breathing deeply, to be singing with my heart, to see love in all beings, to see love in all of life around me.  I am grateful to let go of limiting beliefs and actions, to more fully embrace my divine nature, letting go of habits that don’t support my growth and joyful experssion.  I am grateful to offer holistic counseling and to opper spiritual counseling to those who seek to feel more authenticity in their lives, more beauty, more joy, more love, more happiness.

I am grateful to be following my calling, to be living in accordance with my Heart, to be living in a peaceful state, to be allowing all that comes into my life to be received with open artms.  I am grateful to share what I have with others, to share my energy with others, to share my resources with others, to provide energy and love to those in my life whom I love.  I am grateful for healing emotional trauma, for healing ulcerative colitis, for holistic counseling and holistic therapy.  I am grateful to be meditating, and to be dancing, and to be singing.  I am grateful to feel my connection with all of life around me, to know that there is no separation except for in the mind.  I am grateful to know that all is blessed, and all is grace.  I am grateful to be here, to be now, to be present for the unfolding of human consciousnesss.  I am grateful to be an angel, singing and playing in this world.  I am grateful to offer holistic therapy.  Thank you

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------