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Happy Today For Life!

Writing out daily happiness and gratitude lists is a wonderful way to practice focusing on creating your life in the way that your Heart desires.  We shift our reality every time that we shift our perspective. 

Today I am grateful for magic, for beauty, I am so happy to be alive, taking deep full breathes, feeling the air on my skin, saying Yes to life.  I am so grateful for cute puppies that I take care of, for their never ending life energy, for their sweetness, for the fun and playfulness that we experience together.  I am grateful for painting, for feeling the flow of creative energy moving through me as I paint and express myself.  I am grateful to feel alive, and in awe of the beauty of life when I paint.  I am grateful for combining all the beautiful colors of the rainbow onto a canvas and making something so beautiful.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, helping people to heal, helping bring more positivity into the world.

I am grateful to be doing what I love, to be helping, and of service.  I am grateful for Eva and Steve, for their big warm hearts, and their generosity.  I am grateful to be living in a beautiful house overlooking the most beautiful landscape and view of the mountains and ocean.  I am grateful for the feelings of peace, joy, and hope that I feel living here on this land and in this house.  I am grateful for cooperation and communication, for flow, and allowance.  I am grateful to understand how energy moves, how to be a responsible co-creator in this wonderful experience of life.

I am grateful to be a holistic therapist, offering holistic therapy for folks who desire to understand themselves better, to understand how to live more fully in alignment with their hearts.  I am grateful for Eckhart tolle, and the spiritual counseling that he offers.  I am grateful for moving, dancing, singing and playing.  I am grateful to be outdoors, for walking, hiking, swimming in the ocean, for hiking in the mountains.  I am grateful for good friends and family in whom I trust and love.  I am grateful for healing ulcerative colitis, and to feel myself growing stronger and healthier everyday.  I am grateful for structure, responsiblity, care, and focus.  I am happy to relax my body, let go of control, and jump in the river of life.  I am grateful for courage, inner peace, slowing down, taking one step at a time, and moving with the knowingness of my heart.  I am grateful to offer holistic counseling, spirituality and counseling, meditation, and to be living my truth moment by moment to the best of my ability.

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------