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Happy for a Brand New Day

When we write out the things that we are happy for in our lives, we are naturally focusing on the abundance that already exists.  Focusing the attention in this way multiplies the good things in our lives.  We become more attuned to all the positive things, and train our minds to look for positivity instead of negative aspects of life.  

Today I am grateful for the sun shinning, to feel the light on my skin, to see the light nourishing all of life around me.  I m grateful for taking deep breaths, and feeling this life energy inside my body.  I am grateful to be alive, to be here, to be full of happiness, to take care of two wonderful puppies, and to live with wonderful and generous people.  I am grateful for the natural beauty of this world, this amazing island of Maui, the ocean that is so crystal clear blue and turquoise, the animals, the beautiful pristine beaches, the happy people enjoying this amazing life together.  I am grateful to remember to let go, to trust the Universe, that everything is provided for along my journey of growth and expansion.  I trust that I ame xperiencing everything that I need to in order to grow and be a happy person.  I allow the richness and depth of the full spectrum of life to flow in and out of my life, enjoying all aspects of life equally.  I am grateful to have energy awareness, and to be trusting my intuition more and more everyday.  I am grateful to know my place in this universe, to be feeling more fully into my role of awakening and healing, to see myself blossoming into this responsibility and disciplined way of living and giving in service.  I see myself helping many people, being extremely effective and efficient in my offerings, combining the creativity and flow of the divine feminine with the structured, practical and logical ways of the world of the divine masculine.  I am so grateful to be offering my healing energy through holistic counseling and spiritual counseling.  I see myself growing healthier, more focused, more responsible, and more free in the coming time.  I see myself becoming more grounded, more settled, more focused, and more peaceful in the coming time.  I see myself sharing this peaceful energy with all those around me.  I see myself in a state of love and acceptance of all of life, sharing, giving, and loving all of life.

I am so grateful to be learning, self correcting, having “successes” and “failures” learning throughout the entire process.  I am so grateful to know that the power of my focus equals the quality of my life and connection to all of life around me.  I know that when I take care of myself, my body, mind, and emotions, and honor my unique path that I feel uplifted, inspired, happy, and deepy joyful and peaceful.  I am grateful for the teachings of eckhart tolle, and for spirituality and counseling.  I am grateful to be doing this work with others, being in the state of stillness and flow, knowing when to offer, when to be silent, and when to listen, and when to speak.  Trusting my intuition and deepening my connection with Life everyday.  I am grateful for my onnection with the natural world, feeling so much life energy all around and within me.  I am grateful for relaxation, for allowing the muscles of my body to remain relaxxed, taking full deep natural breaths, and feling the inner body in every moment.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, offering holistic counseling to others.

I see myself building a home on the earth with my loving partner.  I feel her strong and balanced energy, quiet, peaceful, and courageous, strong , and creative.  I feel us coming together, bringing our energies together to create our heart’s desires.  I see us building our life together, learning together, having a family together.  I see us raising a boy and a girl, in a loving and peaceful environment.  I see us flourishing, living life to the fullest, laughing, singing and dancing everyday.  I am grateful for healing depression naturally, for healing anxiety naturally, and for healing emotional trauma.  I am so grateful to understand how crucial it is to have a connection with the earth, the sun, the water, and the plants and animals to feel a sense of connection, and to stay connected to the bigger perspective.   I am grateful to be alive, to be on this amazing journey, to be here, and to be now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------